What Is Scorpio’s Spirit Animal?

Ah, Scorpios. Love them or hate them, you can’t help but be a bit intrigued by them. They are magnetic, intense, and absolutely hilarious. And it certainly helps that they are so easy on the eyes.

When people think of Scorpios spirit animals, they usually picture the venomous scorpion. While that’s a great symbol for these stingy yet vulnerable natives, we need to get a bit deeper.

Scorpios are complex, and their personalities are very hard to understand. Especially if we base our analysis on the basic symbols of this zodiac sign. This is why I’ll do my best to shed some light on what drives them and what happens inside their mysterious souls.

By the end of this article, you’ll get a clearer picture of how these natives act. But, if you’re still left with some questions, Scorpio Man Secrets helped me piece them together a while ago. You might find it very useful. 

What is Scorpio’s spirit animal?

If you’d like to take the traditionalist approach, Scorpio’s spirit animal is the scorpion.

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These little guys can sustain a lot of heat, much like Scorpios do in their relationships. They are small, agile, and very elegant. They like to hide, waiting for their prey, so they spend most of their time in small nooks and crannies.

Scorpio natives do much of the same thing, hiding their true personalities in fear of getting hurt. They keep a mysterious attitude and draw people in with their good looks.

They are quick to flee if they sense danger, but they aren’t afraid to strike back if needed. Their words can be very poisonous, as they know exactly how to push people’s buttons.

Another spirit animal for Scorpio is the snake. These reptiles come in a wide variety of appealing colors and patterns. They move in silence and keep themselves hidden throughout the day.

Their appearance fascinates, with people considering them exceptionally elegant. Although royal-looking, many fans prefer to admire them from a safe distance. Snakes can be very dangerous when threatened (or when they feel like it), which is one of Scorpio’s main traits.

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What is Scorpio’s spirit color?

Scorpio’s ruler is Pluto, which is the ruler of the Underworld. In Greek mythology, Pluto was Hades, who fell in love with Persephone and stole her from her mom.

Thus, it is said that Scorpio’s superpower is killing everything that does not work. These natives are not afraid to confront their friends and loved ones and put them through hardships because that’s how they grow.

They usually love everything dark and have a fascination for magic and the occult. Some of them can even have psychic powers. They have amazing passion and intense energy that they need to keep under control. Otherwise, it’s easy for them to explode and hurt everyone around them. 

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So, Scorpio’s spirit color cannot be anything other than black. It signifies mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. These are all traits that Scorpios have in heaps.

Black also signifies loss, death, and even evil. This is an apt metaphor for Scorpio’s regenerative qualities. They will watch the world burn without a twitch if this means a better future for everyone.

They are not afraid of death because they have a superior understanding of it. Their ties with the spiritual world are very strong, which can sometimes give them a dark aura.

Just like the color black, Scorpios are an acquired taste. They won’t appeal to everyone, especially if you’re a lover of pastels. But if you’re more of a rebel, you will love Scorpio for their mystical and powerful personalities.

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What is Scorpio’s favorite color?

Black represents them best, but Scorpio natives are diverse. Their favorite color can be found in a range of dark hues, from crimson red to royal purple. 

Maroon and bottle green can also appeal to them, but most Scorpio natives prefer scarlet reds. This mysterious yet sensual shade is perfect for romance-loving Scorpios. 

From satin sheets to silky dresses, this shade of red makes them look their best. It compliments their sharp features, pale skin, dark eyes, and hair and puts them in a passionate mood.

They like how elegant it is and how it conveys their profound, fierce personalities. It is the perfect color for them to surround themselves with, as it reminds them of their qualities. 

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Besides, there’s nothing quite as alluring as a sensual Scorpio dressed in this rich color. They will steal looks and hearts wherever they go, as red is associated with love, power, and excitement.

What is Scorpio’s favorite pet?

The best pet for Scorpio is a powerful, intimidating one. They will love taking care of a Pitbull, which displays many of the same qualities as them.

A Pitbull is a very elegant breed that turns heads and sometimes inspires fear. They are brave, passionate, and loyal, just like Scorpio natives. They require a lot of care and effort for their training, but the strong Scorpio native can handle this very well. 

Although some people find Pitbulls intimidating, a Scorpio will see through that and give them all the love they need. At their core, Pitbulls are very sweet and loving, and they need a gentle owner to assure them. 

Scorpio does this beautifully, as they are very caring and emotional on the inside. A Pitbull won’t hesitate to defend its owner if needed, and Scorpios are notorious for putting themselves in danger. 

Alternatively, Scorpios will do their best to show their friends just how sweet and innocent their dog is. Their intelligence and ambition will do wonders for a Pitbull’s training, who needs a strong, strict owner to keep them in check. These two can enjoy a fairytale friendship, and they will help each other through thick and thin.

In fact, I am quite worried about whoever will decide to stand in their way. 

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Final Words

Scorpios are sometimes misunderstood. Although they are, indeed, fond of the darker aspects of life, they are also very loving and fragile. They project their strong will and determination, but they need a lot of love and loyalty, just like everyone else.

Many people crack jokes at their jealousy, possessiveness, and explosive behaviors. However, a mature Scorpio who enjoys a healthy relationship is nothing short of dreamy. They are caring lovers, devoted friends, and exciting party go-ers. They can teach us a lot about life and love, but we need to understand their language. 

A lot of information about this sign can be found in Scorpio Man Secrets. I used to judge Scorpios harshly before reading it, but now my opinion has changed. They are one of my favorite signs, and I bet they’ll crawl under your skin as well, as soon as you understand them better. 


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