Why Are Leos So Annoying

There are few things out there more annoying than a Leo, and I will forever stand by that statement. Something about them feeling entitled to hog all of the attention everywhere they go, their never ending Instagram stories, and the way they snap at people on reality TV gives me the creeps. 

The Leo man is often said to be a bit difficult and hard for some people, but luckily there’s an expert on the subject with Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s in-depth guide Leo Man Secrets.

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The thing is, I doubt anyone ever seriously asked, “uh, why are Leos so annoying?” Because, deep down, they know. We all know. It’s as clear as the light of day. Get it? ‘Cause they are ruled by the Sun? But, for the love of information, I will list below the main reasons why Leos should just shut up for a second. 

And if your personal reason was not included, don’t fret. There is a lot more roasting going on in this online guide, so try it out as well. Don’t act like a Leo, thinking you’re the first person to ever think of a particular reason. 

1. They always want to be the center of attention.

Ruled by the Sun, the mighty Leo wants nothing but the spotlight on them. Only them, all the time. They want to shine like their ruler and have a myriad of adoring fans who wouldn’t be able to survive without their warm glow to light up their lives. 

In fact, that’s why so many Leos make fantastic actors or artistic performers. This kind of energy is perfectly channeled onto a stage, where they can shine and revel in the applauses of a roaring audience. The only issue is their lack of awareness of the fact that these applauses can’t go on forever. 

Backstage is where they should tone down their expectations. In most cases, this backstage refers to their day-to-day lives. It’s fine to search for the spotlight sometimes when you can express your individuality and get praised for it. But it’s certainly not fine to hog all the attention everywhere you go. Other people have individualities too, you know. 

And the worst part about this Leo trait is that they will get quite mad if they aren’t offered the attention they think they deserve. When, inevitably, other people get to entertain their friends, these natives will get petty and throw tantrums. The kind of tantrums you’d see in supermarkets by disappointed toddlers. 

2. They are way too possessive of people.

It’s enough to imagine how protective a lion gets of their family to understand how Leos act towards their loved ones. Their relatives and close friends are the apples of their eyes, and no one can ever match their loyalty, care, and devotion towards them. That’s a lovely quality to have, and one I’ve always admired in Leos. Their sense of family is like no other. 

In fact, if you’ve ever seen one of those Chicano tattoos on someone’s forearm saying “family,” that was probably a Leo-heavy native. I am really not saying that this is an annoying quality in itself, but you already know this doesn’t stop here. Since Leos have a knack for going way overboard with, well, anything, their love makes no exception. 

Whether we’re talking about family or friends, they can get quite aggressive towards anyone who “threatens” them. But, these threats can mean anything to a Leo, including the threat of a waitress mistaking their dad’s order. 

A Leo at a house party with their friends would round them all up and order them to go home if they were threatened by a beer shortage. And it’s still Leos, the ones who will send death threats to their BFF’s new love interest. You know, to ensure they don’t think about doing anything funny. 

So, how about a chill pill? Or a whole bottle of them?

3. They will judge your outfit.

I’m not saying that Leos are superficial. That’s a word I’d use for another sign starting with an L. But they are massively concerned with how they look. When they get out of the house, they need to make sure they look red-carpet ready. Because you never know what A-List movie producer would dwell in the 7/11 parking lot that day. 

Most Leos won’t leave the house to buy some bread without a face full of make-up and an outfit perfectly matching their Kibbe type. The kind of effort they put into their appearance is inversely proportional to how many compliments they received during the day. And so, it’s easy to understand why they can be quite bitter when they see other people spending their time more wisely. 

When talking to a Leo in public, you can be sure that the first fifteen minutes they spent silently redrawing your eyebrows in their head. The next twenty were spent staring at the foundation marks on your neck and cringing internally. Then, if you were patient enough to get this far, they probably tried to tally up how much did your outfit cost. 

Oh, oh! And God forbid you to dare look better than them. That’s a one-way ticket to Rage Town. They might not show it, but their friends will hear all about it during a few hasty trips to the bathroom. Have mercy of them; it’s unlikely they’re all Leos. 


Just to recap. Leos didn’t know when to share the stage, which was cute when they were in kindergarten but got quite annoying as they grew up. In addition, they don’t understand that they aren’t actual lions, and no one needs their sass to protect them. Plus, people get pretty embarrassed by how vocal they are. 

And as if that wasn’t already enough, there’s not a humble bone in their entire bodies. They will judge everyone in a swimsuit, which is pretty lame because we’re not doing the Mean Girls act in 2022. 

If you want to know what it feels like being with a Leo man, check out this guide from Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach. She has all the secrets and insider tips on how not only understand them but also make their lives better!

For more insight into the mind of Leos, I can also suggest this online guide. I am not saying you need it, but if you have Leo friends, you’d be dumb not to arm yourself with every piece of information you can find. Also, please don’t tell your Leo friend I called you dumb.

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