How to Make a Sagittarius Woman Jealous

The Sagittarius woman is one of the most independent and free-spirited women of the Zodiac. The Fire element burns bright inside her, so she is strong-willed, active, and full of life. She is represented by the centaur, so she loves roaming free without having to explain her choices. 

If you’re looking for how to make a Sagittarius woman jealous, you must be at your wit’s end. Doing so is not an easy feat because she can be pretty reserved and unemotional. But there’s still hope. I will teach you how to grab and keep her attention, so this is a great time to start taking some notes. 

Alternatively, you’ll find a lot of useful information on the Sagittarius woman’s personality in this guide, so don’t be afraid to use it for an extra advantage. Ready? Let’s get you your archer, woman!

How to Make a Sagittarius Woman Jealous

Before we look into what makes a Sagittarius woman jealous, it’s useful to analyze some of her traits. Here’s what you can expect from your fiery love interest: 

  • She is highly competitive and takes great pride in her achievements. 
  • She is very sociable and friendly but likes to keep her life private. 
  • She is very active, physical, and adventurous. 
  • She values freedom and independence above all. 

If you’re in a relationship with the Sagittarius woman, you can forget about flirting. She is very sociable and flirty by nature, and on top of that, she is also quite open-minded. Thus, as long as you two communicate well, she won’t mind the occasional flirts. She prefers to see the bigger picture rather than stress over details. 

To make her jealous, you’ll have to appeal to her competitive side. Telling her about a female colleague or friend that you admire very much will usually do the trick. She will usually get jealous if she feels you hold other women in higher regard. 

Since she’s very private about her life, she puts a lot of value on being vulnerable. This is why she will usually get very jealous when you share personal details with other women or when you trust them enough to share your secrets.

Are Sagittarius Women Jealous and Possessive?

Sagittarius women are not needy or clingy and hold tight to their independence. This is why they will usually let you have your own, as well. They don’t usually give much thought to other women flirting with you, texting you, or asking you out. 

She probably won’t care if you compliment other women or even buy them drinks. But this all comes from them feeling stable and secure in the relationship. If they suspect you can’t be trusted, you’ll quickly experience her wilder side. 

She is not afraid to make a dramatic scene or throw all of your belongings out the window. This usually happens when she feels she’s competing for your attention or that you don’t take her seriously. 

What Makes a Sagittarius Woman Jealous?

Emotionally mature Sagittarius women are usually not very jealous and possessive by nature. Yet, many hold themselves in high regard and can become quite arrogant. So, if they see you flirting with another woman, they can be jealous, but it’s not really about you. 

What actually bugs them is the fact that you consider another woman better than them. So they probably won’t have any issues letting you flirt with women they deem inferior. But, if she thinks another woman is more beautiful, well-dressed, smart, or successful than her, all Hell will break loose. 

One of the most important aims of a Sagittarius woman is seeing the world. She loves traveling to new places and having new experiences. If you want to make her jealous, a city break with friends that does not include her will usually do the trick. 

How Does the Sagittarius Woman Show Jealousy?

The Sagittarius woman rarely gets jealous, but when she does, you will surely know. Her fiery energy will blow, and you’ll get a taste of her wild side. While some women will avoid making a scene to keep face, this is not the case with the Sagittarius woman. 

She does not care what other people think of her, which is why she won’t hesitate to give you a piece of her mind. Loudly. With an audience. She is bold, unapologetic, and very passionate. She loves her partner deeply and misses no chances to let the world know he is hers. 

If she’s feeling jealous, she will quickly let you know by openly flirting with other people or starting a fight. These natives have a hard time controlling their tempers, so they will lash out at anyone if they feel threatened. They will make no difference between you or the woman she feels jealous of and will give you both an equal slice of her rage. 

It’s not unusual for scorned Sagittarius women to take solace in alcohol or other substances. You may also see her engage in risky behavior, such as crashing parties, leaving the club with complete strangers, or vandalizing private property. 

Yup, your car is in grave danger. Lastly, if you manage to hurt her deeply, she might disappear without a trace. Above all, she will value her independence, so don’t be surprised if she runs away, never to be seen again. 

Final Words

Getting your Sagittarius woman jealous will take you a while if you’ve got your mind set on it. She is usually easygoing and hates being controlling. But this does not mean she will let any woman waltz in and get a taste of her man. Strong-willed, determined, and exciting, she will breathe fire on whoever wrongs her. 

There are very few instances in which you should consider making her jealous on purpose. This can severely damage your relationship, and, believe me, when I say – you don’t want to deal with an angry Sagittarius. But if you’re absolutely fearless and would still like to try, I have just the thing for you. 

Who knows, maybe you won’t even need to make her jealous, after all. 

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