Why Are Pisces So Hot?

One of the biggest girl-on-girl pieces of advice you’ll ever get is “skip the Pisces phase.” It seems like we’ve all been crushing on a trouble-bringing Pisces at some point in our lives. Sometimes they come with many headaches and 3 AM crying sessions. 

But if God did not want us to spend our days daydreaming about them, then why are Pisces so hot? It’s probably one of those instances in which vampires are really good looking. In fact, Edward Cullen was a Cancer, so he was pretty close. 

Today, I feel like exposing the hippie, blue-eyed demons that can charm the pants off of us with a glance. I’ll tell you what the Universe was thinking when it created that hot guitar player who is probably ignoring your texts. 

But if you’re still confused by the end of this article – Give Pisces Man Secrets a read. The Pisces support group pieced together their intel in this guide, just so you’ll have it ready when pursuing this sign. 

Why Are Pisces So Attractive?

Pisces are the last sign of the zodiac, and some people say they combine the qualities of all the other ones. They are ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter, which mix powers to give these natives many, many gifts. 

Neptune is a fascinating planet that is sometimes called the “mystic.” Despite its massive size, it was the last planet we discovered, because it was so well hidden to the naked eye. Considering this, it makes sense why Neptune represents the planet of deception, dreams and even magic. 

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These rulerships give Pisces an extraordinary talent for charming. They are great listeners and say just the right words to make you feel you’ve found the one. Many people fall head over heels for Pisces because they are so emotional and romantic. 

There’s no other sign that will spoil you with grand romantic gestures quite like Pisces. And they have a way of making you think your connection is fated. Most times, they are shy and reserved, which can be quite endearing for certain people. 

Are Pisces the Hottest Sign?

If you were to choose the hottest sign, you’ll usually guide yourself on personal preference. While some people might consider Pisces the hottest sign, some will go for Scorpios, Aries, or Libras. 

However, it’s no secret that Pisces natives have heaps of admirers. Many people consider Pisces to be the hottest sign, and that’s due to their slim, elegant frames, soft features and dreamy eyes. 

Plus, Pisces rules the hands and feet. Female Pisces will have gorgeous, dainty hands, while male Pisces will seduce many women with their long fingers and veiny hands. Their complexion is usually very clear, even dewy, and they tend to be on the pale side. 

They might have long, shiny hair, natural beach waves, and full eyebrows that frame their intriguing eyes. Their expressive faces, spacey eyes, and mysterious attitudes fit them into the artist’s archetype. 

If you’re into soft aesthetics and looking for a rebellious and passionate artist, you might find Pisces to be the hottest sign.  

Why Are Pisces So Good in Bed?

Much of Pisces’ appeal comes from their sensual talents. They are very generous, skilled lovers that will make you feel nothing short of special. Spirituality plays a big role in Pisces’ personality, so they take their sweet time in bed. This is because they want to merge with their lover and attain bliss together. 

They usually put a lot of effort into foreplay and prefer long, drawn-out, slow love-making. It’s not rare for them to dim the lights, light some candles and spoil their lover for hours. When you step into a Pisces’ bedroom, you’ll feel like you’ve entered another reality. 

They will help you forget all about your worries and fall into decadent pleasure, as they pamper all your senses. Helped by mystic Neptune, Pisces will put you under a delicious spell every time you share a bed. 

Are Pisces Good Looking?

Being ruled by charming Neptune and fortune-bringer Jupiter, Pisces natives are usually very good-looking. They have big, bright, dreamy eyes that are often light shades of blue, just like their Water element. It’s also very common for them to have cute dimples in their cheeks or chins. 

Their energy is predominately feminine, which means they usually have womanly physiques. Women Pisces are generally well endowed in the breast department, and males have wide backs with smaller waists. Not to mention great buttocks. 

All of these qualities are perfectly presented by their great posture. They hold their heads high and their spines straight. When they walk, they do it with a lot of graceful, soft moves. It actually looks like a fish swimming in the ocean. 

They are elegant and refined but still very agile and youthful. You’ll usually see a charming spark in their eyes and a slight smile on their face. 

Final Words

Clear skin, big, bright eyes, soft features, and a dreamy appearance. Yes, Pisces are Disney princesses. Or princes. Everything about them screams depth of feelings, so it’s no surprise that most of us are so drawn to them. 

With their amazing bodies, carefully chosen words, and artistic abilities, I think it’s safe to say that Pisces are one of the hottest signs. And when you manage to get one of them for yourself, you’ve just won the lottery. 

How do you do that? Boy, do I have a surprise for you. Pisces Man Secrets will teach you everything you need to know before going fishing. With the information in it, you’ll be able to win the heart of a Pisces in just a few days. You know, before they decide to ghost you. Happy fishing!

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