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what to do if a taurus woman is ignoring you

Taurus women have a strong character and are pretty tricky when upset. Maybe the conversation was going smoothly, you were having fun, and, out of a sudden, her body language changed, and she gave you the silent treatment.

If you’re trying to win over a Taurus woman, and you feel like she’s ignoring you, don’t worry! We’ve got the inside scoop on what to do.

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Perhaps you had a casual affair, only for this earth sign to give you the cold shoulder afterward. 

When Taurus ignores you without a clear explanation, you can feel hurt and confused, even to the point of thinking that she doesn’t like you anymore or is no longer interested.

That’s why this article explains the reasons why a Taurus woman may be ignoring you and how you can deal with this problem.

Don’t worry. She doesn’t necessarily hate you. Taurus women have a unique way of navigating romantic matters, leading them to feel unsafe and play hard to get even if they are still interested in you.

Read on and find out why this fixed sign is ignoring you and how to turn the tables in your favor.

What Does it Mean When A Taurus Woman Ignores You?

She Thinks That You Are Manipulative

Taurus women are very perceptive and can quickly realize when someone is fake. So the first possibility is that she thinks you are lying to her, even if you don’t have bad intentions.

This astrological sign respects loyalty and honesty above all things, so you might want to start being completely open to her.

This attitude will help each other build trust and create a solid foundation for the relationship’s future.

You Are Wasting Her Time

The Taurus woman values her efforts, possessions, time, relationships… even things as small as a friendly smile. If she feels like you do not fully appreciate her company and you act in ways that make her waste her time, she will decide to ignore you.

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Taurus woman behaves in this particular manner to teach you a lesson. If you show remorse and try to fix your mistakes, she will forgive you. But remember that she doesn’t give more than one chance.

You Made Her Mad

Another reason why a Taurus woman might be ignoring you is that she’s mad. This zodiac sign won’t lose her temper fast, but when she does, she expresses it in two different ways: ignoring you or channeling all her anger towards you.

But getting upset and ignoring her back won’t help. The Taurus zodiac sign can be very resentful, and this kind of attitude will only hurt her even more.

What to do When a Taurus woman decides to ignore you?

Don’t go into reactionary mode.

This might be the most challenging part if you are an impulsive or aggressive person. Avoid getting even with her and ignoring her back, which will hurt her even more.

However, it’s not a great idea to do the opposite and smother her with attention and worried text and phone calls as she could think you are too needy and pull even further away, so watch out.

Give her some space.

Taurus woman deals with her emotions alone for a good reason. So if you want a piece of relationship advice, if a Taurus woman ignores you, avoid contacting her for a while.

If she distances herself from you, she’s asking you some time alone without using explicit words. After all, she is not the most expressive person and becomes very shy when dealing with her feelings.

Work on your own life and wait until she reaches you after processing everything and think about how she would like to proceed.

And she can’t make it to this other stage if you’re always asking her where she is and when you’re going to see her again.

Even if she is testing your interest in her, always opt to play it cool. Wait a few days before calling her to let her know you are busy too.

Don’t try to confront her.

If a Taurus woman is frustrating you with her attitude, the worst thing you could do is get confrontational.

This happens with every person who has this sun sign, regardless of your relationship with them.

Whether we are talking about a Taurus guy, a Taurus friend, or your Taurus girlfriend, they’ll feel attacked if you confront them and become even more stubborn.

Be understanding.

This is why you have to rely on your sweet and empathetic side to entice her. Making her feel understood and accepted is the secret to getting her to stop ignoring you.

Show her genuine concern for her with a phone call after you’ve given her enough space. This will help her let her guard down and be more flexible.

And if you don’t get a satisfying explanation for her treating you like that, don’t panic. Just let her know that you’ll be there whenever she’s ready to talk and that you support her. Unconditionally.

Trust me; this will do the trick.

Keep in mind that everything takes longer with Taurus, though, so expect this to be a slow process.

Tell her honestly how you feel.

After you get Taurus to talk to you again and she seems to get back into her usual conversational rhythm, you will notice that this girl won’t talk at all about what happened.

This is part of her personality. As we mentioned before, she is not a very verbal person. However, she is still interested in listening to your side of things, so go for it.

As long as you are respectful and non-confrontational, you can share your feelings freely.

Be straightforward, and don’t try to act distant because that will make her think you are wasting her time. Just be honest, and things will be alright.

Respect her needs.

Unless this woman accidentally ignores you because she has too much on her plate right now, she has a legitimate reason not to talk to you.

You may disagree with it, but it is important to her, so you must treat it with respect.

If she’s asking for some space, don’t argue with her decision, even if it’s hard for you to do so. 

Whatever she decides is the best way forward, tell her that you understand and let her know you are willing to follow her lead.

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Will a Taurus cut you off?

Yes, a Taurus will cut you off if she senses you are phony, manipulative, or you make her mad for some reason.

How do you know if a Taurus woman is playing you?

Taurus women are not players. She is honest, practical, and down-to-earth, and will soon ignore you if she is not interested in a relationship.

Why do Taurus give the silent treatment?

Taurus people are not very expressive and deal with their emotions in silence. So if this person is upset about something, they will opt to give the silent treatment instead of talking about it.

How do you know if a Taurus dislikes you?

Taurus will become distant and silent if they don’t like you.

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