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When A Sagittarius Man Is Mad at You

6 Signs to Know Your Sagittarius Man is Mad at You

Have you done something that has flared up the anger of a Sagittarius man? Well, let me tell you that a mad Sagittarian can get extremely angry and use words that will pierce into you like a knife.

Being the fire sign of the zodiac, they can be extremely cruel when they are mad. Their words will eat you like fire. This may damage your relationship.

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Their comments can hurt you a lot, and things will never go back to the way they were before. This will sabotage your relationship with them.

If you have done something to make your Sagittarius man mad and are looking for hints on how he behaves when mad, then keep reading. You will find everything that you need to know.

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What Makes A Sagittarius Man Angry?

The fire sign of the zodiac can turn mad at you due to a lot of reasons. Although people born under this zodiac sign try to stay positive all the time, there are some things that they cannot deal with.

They have set their boundaries and limitations, so when someone tries to cross these boundaries set by them, they can get easily flared up.

They do not like people invading their privacy at all. If they do not want to share something with you or make you a part of their life, there is nothing you can do to change their mind.

However, if you forcefully try to enter their private space, they can easily turn mad at you. Therefore, I would suggest you never do it.

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A Sagittarius man is one of the most free-spirited men of the zodiac signs. They value their freedom and will not sacrifice it for anyone.

So, if you try to hold down a Sagittarius man from doing the things that he loves, it will easily make them mad. If they feel that you are trying to take their freedom from them, you will be a target of their wrath.

No one would be then able to save you from their cruel and snide comments. This can turn out to be really bad for your relationship as well. So, it is my personal opinion that you let your Sagittarius man have his freedom and do not try to make him feel suffocated if you really love him.

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How Does A Sagittarius Man Express His Anger?

If you have done something to awaken the angry side of your Sagittarius man, you’ll feel it through their actions. Although they will try to hold themselves back at first because they love you, they will not be able to do so.

They need to let it out on you or it will eat them up from inside. Thus, an angry Sagittarian will express his anger in one of the following ways. Keep reading to find out.

  • He Will Give Indirect Hints To You

When angry, a Sagittarius man will first try to bottle up his feelings. He will avoid confronting you as well and would rather keep it inside. This is why he will try to give indirect hints to you to make you realize that you have done something wrong.

You will notice it in his actions and words that he is trying to give you a message. He may start criticizing you for everything that you do, which is not normal.

So, when you notice indirect hints coming from a Sagittarian, then you need to sit back and think about what wrong you have done.

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  • He Will Block You From All Social Media Accounts

When a Sagittarius man gets flared up, one of the few things that he will do is he will block you from all his social media accounts. It is his way of expressing his anger and letting you know that he is mad at you.

He will not want to see you anywhere near him, be it in real life or on his social media accounts.

So, if you find yourself blocked from all the social media accounts of your Sagittarius man, then it is a clear indication that you have done something to anger him.

Try to find out what you have done and make amendments as soon as possible.

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  • He Will Confront You

When Sagittarians are no longer able to bottle up their feelings because they feel that you are not getting their indirect hints and signals, they will confront you.

It is extremely important for them to confront you and make you feel accountable for what you have done. They are one of the signs that need to express their feelings or it will eat them up from the inside.

Therefore, they will not be able to hold themselves back for long and there will come a time when they will shower their wrath upon you.

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  • He Will Use Hurtful Words

Sagittarians can be extremely cruel when they are mad. They will use all the hurtful words to make you feel bad about what you have done and to express how mad they are at you.

Even though they might regret using these hurtful words later, they will not think twice before using them to hurt your feelings.

It is because they cannot control themselves when they are mad. This may damage your relationship as well, and things with your Sagittarius man may never go back to the way they were before.

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Final Words

While a Sagittarius man is one that tries to stay positive all the time, there are certain things that make him mad. When mad, they can be really cruel and insensitive. Therefore, I would suggest not to awaken the beast inside him by doing the things that he loathes.

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