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How do pisces act when hurt

Pisces Zodiac Sign: 19th Feb – 20th March 

Pisces is the ruler of Neptune. It is the planet of what’s unseen and the merging of energies. Pisces can feel the moods of others deeply and there is heavy and burdensome energy.

The Pisces Man Secrets by Anna Kovach was extremely helpful to me. I would highly recommend it to any other women wondering how their Pisces partner acts when they are hurt.

It rules:

● Imagination
● Emotional sharing
● Dreams
● Isolation
● Confusion

It is a water sign and is very attentive to picking up on the feelings of others. They notice the small behaviors and words you say that allows them to be in tune with your mood.

The Pisces is very spiritual energy and has the capacity to tap in beyond the limits of the material realm. This could be due to being the last sign of the zodiac. If Pisces has a deep attachment to its possessions, losing them can be a painful experience. Even so, it’s always important for Pisces to learn to let go and trust that the Universe will provide.

Being fixated on situations, people and objects can bring trauma because these objects can be wiped away and Pisces represents:

● The soul
● Being one unity of thought
● The connection between the 3D and the spiritual realms.

Pisces often tend to go with the flow of life and be in the moment to help heal others. Sometimes, there’s no one as a amazing as a Pisces lover. 

Pisces natives involve peace, unity and unconditional love.

The Pisces zodiac sign is the dreamer and their dreams are who they are. Their mind often drifts to different places during the day, when they are thinking about their future. When their fantasy of a relationship is shattered, they feel pain really deeply.  Even better, they prefer to stay in the honeymoon phase.

When a Pisces man is resistant to life and trying to hold on to what no longer serves them, a deep dissatisfaction can occur resulting in depression.

They see their partners and relationships in high regard, so much so when their partner shows signs of their personality that doesn’t fit the fantasy, the rose-colored glasses come off and it can even more disappointing. 

How do Pisces men act when hurt?

● Detached
● Solitary
● Unavailable
● Clingy
● Passive aggressive
● Avoidant

Pisces is a romantic and imaginative zodiac. If you notice that he’s no longer saying nice compliments or planning thoughtful dates, then you’ve definitely hurt a Pisces man.

They can also space out and completely distract themselves from the relationship. If you’ve hurt a Pisces man, he may isolate himself from others to deal with his feelings.

He may dive deep into getting things done such as catching up on work and school. Pisces men tend to be very creative, so he may busy himself into creating art, making music, or writing. He may also lean into his spirituality and do more praying or meditating.

Instead of catching up on practical matters, he can also do the opposite and become more clingy. He will reach out by phone or social media often. He will text you or post song lyrics online. But eventually, he will try to move on privately.

One of the signs is passive-aggressiveness such as taking jokes too far that become hurtful is a way that a Pisces man can act out his pain. You may notice he’s judging you and no longer putting you on a pedestal.

One thing to remember, is that Pisces men use silence as a method to heal.  Ignoring is a way that a Pisces man will act when he’s hurt. Bringing up the issue will cause him to quickly change the subject or interrupt you so he can go busy himself with something else.

Do Pisces move on quickly?

Pisces usually aren’t very attracted someone due to their appearance and if they like you, it was because of the person you are on the inside.

Pisces men often take the time to create an emotional and mental connection with someone. They saw the good in you and wants to hold on to that connection.

They remember how you made them feel when you were around, whether it was good or bad and they remember those memories.

After releasing heavy emotions and reflecting, Pisces men feel free to move on and forgive, but they don’t move on quickly. If you’ve managed to hurt a Pisces man, they will probably feel a lot of sadness, it’s best to give them some time to heal. 

They go into their imagination for hope that things will work out. Eventually, they snap out of it and do things to keep themselves busy and distracted until their emotions fade.


Do Pisces hide their feelings?

Society views sensitivity as weak and Pisces is a gentle energy. They may try to hide their sentiments for fear of being made fun of or taken advantage of. They will be open with their best friends about their hurt ego.

Pisces might feel unclear about how they feel because they are so strongly and deeply felt. They will likely take their time to heal, they will reflect on their failures. 

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Deep emotions create a fog of confusion because they see through the lens of their emotions.

If a Pisces’ emotions do not make sense to them they probably won’t express themselves around you.

Directly expressing their need for boundaries is not their best way of expression so they could ignore you in order to try to create the boundaries they need and as a form of self-protection.

However, they are considerate towards the emotions of other people and are not confrontational this is due to the Pisces being a sensitive soul.

A Pisces man might not hide his feelings directly, but he would gradually stop doing things you used to do as a couple. He would more than likely take things you’ve said very personally as he’s the sensitive type. Bringing up his changes in behavior will make him run because the emotional pressure is too much to deal with. It clouds their judgment even more.

He also doesn’t want to deliberately hurt you.

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Do Pisces forgive easily?

If you hurt a Pisces man it can be devastating for them. They are usually ready to talk again soon after a fight, big or small, but they need to have an outburst if necessary.

Pisces men have strong compassion for everyone and everything, due to their very sensitive nature. So once they understand the source of the pain or hurt, they will be forgiving.

However, they can feel people’s pain especially when heart broken and have a deep understanding of pain.

Once a Pisces gets to know a person’s perspective and understands their ideas, he would likely forgive very quickly.

It is always important to explain to them why you are leaving or what they did that made you feel upset, otherwise they will take it personally and could lead to depression. However, never walk away with no explanation, they are very sensitive men and will take this like abandonment.

They appreciate you giving them attention and being around them. They strongly want closure when ending a relationship, especially if you meant everything to them and  they are heart broken.

If you still think you’ve hurt your Pisces man, make sure to download Pisces Man Secrets to be sure.

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