Why Won't my Taurus Man Commit

There are multiple reasons why you can’t get your Taurus man to commit to you. Taurus men do not take commitment lightly. He won’t want to dedicate himself to a relationship until everything feels right.

A Taurus guy might not be sure you’re the right person for him. He may also just not be ready for a relationship.

If he thinks you’re sending mixed messages, that’s another reason he might avoid committing.

Taurus takes relationships seriously. Your Taurus man will not make a commitment if he’s not completely sure about you.

He’s not in the habit of making commitments if he’s not sure he can stick to them.

You might be an amazing woman but that doesn’t mean a Taurus man will commit to you right away! He will take his time, especially if he’s unsure about his feelings for you.

Taurus men are dedicated partners. They just want to make sure they are at the right place in their life before getting into relationships.

He Hates Change

Taurus is one of the most stubborn zodiac signs. His stubborn nature means that he doesn’t always handle change well.

A relationship is a big change! Even if you have your Taurus man’s heart, he might still have a hard time getting used to the idea of being in a relationship.

If a Taurus man loves you, he will eventually be willing to change. He will adjust his routine to incorporate you in his life.

A Taurus won’t change for every woman in his life, though. He will make necessary changes for a life partner.

If he hasn’t made a commitment yet, don’t expect him to change anything about his life.

You can’t make a Taurus man commit if he is paralyzed with fear of change. You will need to either be patient or just move on.

Your Taurus Guy Has Been Hurt

Taurus guys who have been hurt in past relationships will have a difficult time committing to a new partner, no matter how much they might want to.

If you can’t get a Taurus man to commit, and it seems like he does want to, ask him about his past relationships.

When a Taurus man was betrayed in a previous relationship, he will find it challenging to open up his heart again. Even if you two are a good match, he’ll still have a hard time.

The idea of committing to a new relationship and opening himself up for potential heartbreak again is scary!

Your Taurus man might need a lot of time and patience before he finally commits if he’s been hurt before. You need to show him that he can trust you if you want to make him commit.

Taurus Men Are Busy

If a Taurus man doesn’t have a lot of free time, he will be hesitant to commit to a new relationship.

Taurus men are busy. You will not be the only person in his life, even if he does commit to you. He has friends and family he needs to focus on too.

A Taurus man might not feel ready to commit if he has too much on his plate. He may decide he needs more free time to dedicate himself to his partner first.

Your Taurus guy isn’t trying to play mind games if he tells you he’s too busy for a relationship. He’s likely telling the truth!

Give your Taurus man space when he needs it. He’ll be more likely to commit later if he sees that you’re willing to wait for him.

He’s Focused on His Career

Taurus men work hard. A Taurus man likes to feel stable, especially when it comes to finances.

A Taurus man might not commit if he’s focused on his career. He might not feel like he’s in a good place with his career to settle down with someone.

Your Taurus man might not want a relationship until he feels like he is successful in his career.

He might not commit because he doesn’t feel like he can have a good relationship if he’s too focused on his job.

Again, you will need to be patient if a Taurus guy is focused on his career. He might have a casual relationship but he won’t commit until he feels ready.

He’s Afraid

Taurus men crave stability and security. They are unlikely to go down a dangerous path if they can avoid it.

You might see signs that a Taurus man is ready to commit but find that he still won’t commit to you. Why is this? He might simply be afraid.

Even if a Taurus man is ready to commit, his fear might hold him back. Commitment is a big step for him and he doesn’t want to make a mistake!

Some Taurus men overthink things. You might not be able to make him commit because your Taurus man is always talking himself out of it.

You’ll need to reassure your Taurus man and show him that you can be a good partner. Take the time to develop your relationship and gain his trust. That might help if he’s afraid of commitment.

You’re Not “The One”

A Taurus man is willing to wait around for the right woman. If the person he’s dating doesn’t tick all his boxes, he might be unwilling to commit to them.

Other men might commit to you even if they’re not certain you’re “the one”. A Taurus man will not commit if he doesn’t think you’re the right person for him.

Dating a Taurus man can be frustrating sometimes. He might “give up” early on if he’s just not feeling that connection with you.

If a Taurus man doesn’t think you’re the one, you won’t be getting a commitment from him.

If you realize you’re not the one for a Taurus man, it’s usually best to move on. You won’t be able to prove him wrong once he’s made up his mind.

You might think you have a strong connection with your Taurus man. If he doesn’t agree, he won’t commit!

It’s Too Soon

Taurus is a sign that crave stability. A Taurus man might want certain things to be in place before he commits himself to a long-term relationship.

A Taurus man might want financial stability before he decides to get married or move in with you.

You likely won’t be able to change your Taurus man’s feelings on the matter if he thinks it’s too early in your relationship to commit to one another.

You need to do things on his timeline, or you risk ruining the relationship.

Taurus men like to take their time. If you two started dating recently, a Taurus man won’t want to jump into anything.

Again, a Taurus man wants to be certain before he commits to a woman. If he’s not sure yet, it’s too soon for a commitment.

He’s in No Rush

Taurus men are stubborn, but they are also patient. A Taurus man won’t jump into a relationship with someone to avoid being single.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. This means that Taurus is a very romantic sign! Unlike Libra (the other sign ruled by Venus), Taurus men are usually in no rush to be in a relationship.

A Taurus man will take his time getting to know the real you. He’s not the type to hurry into a relationship.

You might think your Taurus man is being too slow. That is something you will just have to get used to if you want to date one!

Do not rush a Taurus man. He will commit when he’s ready to commit and not a moment before.

Taurus Men are Cautious

One reason Taurus men tend to take things slow is because they are cautious. They are not impulsive people.

A Taurus man needs an honest partner. If he senses any dishonesty from you, he will proceed with caution and be hesitant to commit.

He’ll also be hesitant if he sees any signs that you might betray him or break his heart. This is especially true if he’s been hurt in the past.

Some Taurus men take a long time to figure out whether or not they can trust someone.

Taurus guys will be extremely cautious until they’re certain someone is trustworthy.

If your Taurus guy seems overly cautious, just be patient with him. Be honest and transparent. Show him he can trust you.

Be someone who is well grounded. Show your Taurus man you can give him the stability he needs, and he might be more likely to commit.

He’s Not Ready To Commit

If a Taurus man is not ready to commit, he won’t do it. It’s as simple as that!

There are a multitude of reasons why Taurus guys don’t’ feel ready to commit to the women in their lives.

When a Taurus man says he’s just not ready, he’s being honest. He sometimes takes a while to be ready.

Some women aren’t willing to stick around when a Taurus man isn’t ready to commit. Some will gladly give him all the time he needs.

If you’re not willing to wait for a commitment from him, be upfront and honest about that.

It will save you both a lot of time in the long run if you can be on the same page about commitment. If he’s just too slow for you, tell him that.

He’s Not Sure About You

Sometimes, a Taurus man tests his potential partners before he starts a relationship with them.

A Taurus man won’t commit if he’s not sure about you. If he has any concern about your intentions, he will hold off on committing to you.

Taurus doesn’t want to get his feelings hurt or his heart broken. He risks that happening if he commits to somebody he doesn’t fully trust.

When a Taurus man thinks a woman might be using him, he will be unlikely to commit until she proves she’s not.

Just be open with your Taurus man. Never give him any reason to doubt you.

He’s Hung Up on His Ex

If he still has feelings for his ex, your Taurus lover will not commit to you.

Looks for signs that a Taurus man isn’t over his ex if you can’t get him to commit.

He might still talk about her often if he’s not over her yet. He’ll likely avoid doing it in front of you, but he’ll openly converse with his friends about an ex he’s still in love with.

A Taurus man having an ex as a best friend isn’t necessarily a red flag. It is if he never wants you two to hang out together, though.

Taurus men need to be completely over their previous relationship before they will commit to a new one.

Your Taurus man doesn’t want you to be a rebound relationship. He will hold off until he’s certain he’s over his ex.

You’re Rushing Him

Never rush a Taurus man to commit. That will always end badly.

If a Taurus man feels rushed, he will push back. You are more likely to drive him away if you try to rush things.

Let your Taurus man take all the time he needs. Allow him to get to know you and become comfortable with you.

As mentioned, Taurus men are in no rush. If you want to be married right now, that isn’t likely to happen.

Let your Taurus man take his time with your relationship. If you can’t do that, move on.

You’re Too Pushy

You cannot force a Taurus man to commit to you. He will likely leave if you are too pushy with him.

If a Taurus man says he doesn’t want to get married yet, don’t keep bringing it up.

Don’t press the matter if a Taurus man is honest with you and says he’s just not ready yet. You can’t force him to be ready.

When you are too pushy, that’s a red flag for a Taurus man. He will likely reconsider your relationship if he thinks you’re too controlling.

Go at your Taurus man’s pace. You risk pushing him away if you don’t.

He’s Using You

One negative reason a Taurus man might not want to commit is because he’s using you.

Most of the time, Taurus men are direct and honest. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they are above using other people.

If a Taurus man is using you for sex, he obviously won’t want to commit. He will only want you around when he wants sex.

If a Taurus man is using you to advance his career, he will likely drop you as soon as he gets what he wants out of you.

A Taurus man might just be taking things slow. Beware if you think he’s being dishonest about his intentions, though.

When a Taurus man is using you, he will never commit to you. If you see signs of this, it’s better to move on.

Timing Isn’t Right

Sometimes, the timing just isn’t right for a relationship.

A Taurus man might be moving soon and not want a long-distance relationship. If that happens, he won’t commit to you.

He also won’t commit if he just got out of a serious relationship, no matter how much he likes you.

Financial instability might make the timing not right. A Taurus man might also just feel like he’s too young!

If a Taurus man doesn’t think the timing is right for whatever, he won’t commit to you.

The timing needs to feel perfect for a Taurus man before he will commit.

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