Why Does Taurus Man Keep Coming Back

Why Does Taurus Man Keep Coming Back

Why does Taurus man keep coming back – the age old question to why this zodiac sign simply can’t get enough!

Dating a Taurus man comes with many challenges. Unfortunately, these relationships are often only black and white. Taurus men don’t allow for grey areas. Knowing what triggers a Taurus man misses what will keep him and chase him away. But what does it mean if he keeps coming back?

Taurus Guys – Too Attached

Taurus men can get too attached. Some women have to fight for that kind of attachment from them. Taurus men have strong possessive traits that might come off as clingy. If he wants to be with you, he’ll become territorial and still try to pursue you even if you go no contact. If you and a Taurus break up, it could be hard for him to move on. This will have him continue to reach out. 

The Taurus Man and his Love Life

Having a Taurus man crawl back is not a common occurrence. However, it does happen. This can keep happening no matter the count of your breakup. This is often because of a strong emotional attachment to you. 

Reasons Include:

A Great Friend or Long Term Potential

This is often one of the biggest reasons why your Taurus ex keeps coming back. The reason for this could be that he just can’t imagine his own life without you. He is unable to find a person with whom he’s interested in spending his life. 

He still sees the long term committed relationship potential in you that he did before. He might have even considered marriage and children when you were together. A Taurus won’t take such big commitments lightly. 

If you want to stay with him, it’s time to get to work. You need to work through whichever issues you had before. Make sure those issues don’t resurface. Don’t rush things with him and never give a Taurus man an ultimatum. This will cause him to withdraw from any serious relationship thoughts. 

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He has gotten hurt:

Taurus men will sometimes tell you that he can’t fathom the thought of letting you go, but he’s struggling to allow himself to be with you. This happens when they have been cheated on or have had their trust betrayed. 

A Taurus will struggle to move on from such a terrible experience. They aren’t very trusting, to begin with. If he had been badly wounded, it could explain his fear of genuine commitment. 

It’s not the greatest excuse if you aren’t the independent woman who hurt him. His rational thinking tells him this. However, he cannot help it. 

In a situation like this, you need to baby him. It’s time to be calm and patient and, of course, show him that you are trustworthy and loyal. Don’t flirt with other men. He’s looking for nurturing women, and your consistency will pay off. 

It’s always best to be open and honest about what you feel and what you won’t put up with. It’s important to show him you’re worth it, though, because a Taurus man won’t like it if you’re walking around making demands without showing him you’re worth those demands. 

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He could be using you for comfort:

If you make him feel good for a moment, it could be the reason he keeps coming back. You’re similar to a hug. Warm and cuddly, but temporary. 

This usually happens when you share a strong emotional connection with a Taurus man. Of course, he won’t see you as dating material, but you’re still a good comfort item for him to use. 

He doesn’t “use” you like this as a form of torture, but rather because you are willing, and he has no reason not to do it. A Taurus man will often rather be alone than with someone if they know there is no relationship potential. They are, however, still human and crave human interaction and touch as comfort.

He might be coming out of a long term relationship and needing a shoulder to cry on, not another relationship. You need to be strict in this situation. 

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Taurus’s don’t like ultimatums, but you need to stay firm. He either wants to be with you, or he doesn’t. If he has no intention is the relationship ends, you’ll no longer be an emotional support girlfriend for him. On the other hand, if he decides to give it a real shot and invest in a relationship, you’ve still won in the situation. 

The Fire Sign – He’s attracted to you:

Taurus men are still men, and sometimes they’re just out looking for a good time. You might be beautiful enough to attract him but lack what he considers dating material. Some Taurus men who have broken hearts vow to never date again. They’re only interested in the casual fling here and there. 

Some Taurus men don’t want to start their relationship with the physical aspect. So when you sleep together quickly, they end up losing interest. On the other hand, Taurus men love the chase, and sleeping together so fast could have put him off. 

Don’t give up. Do your best to charm him and show him that you are more than your body. Pause the physical part of the relationship, and work on establishing a bond. Taurus men are very persistent, so that he might push back a little. Stand your ground. You know what will happen once he gets what he wants. 

Physical Touch or No Contact?

He definitely will. Going no contact is not enough reason for a Taurus man to write you off this earth sign is all about physical contact. It is sometimes even beneficial for the relationship. No contact means he has a chance to miss you. Beware of smothering him. Taurus men will retreat if they’re unsure if the relationship is what they want. 

Does My Taurus Man Miss Me?

A Taurus man will ensure you hear from him if he misses you. Taurus men are lazy communicators. They won’t take the time to contact you if they aren’t interested or if you aren’t important. He’ll be checking your social media constantly as well. He’ll always be somewhere in the background, keeping an eye on you. 

Final Thoughts – The Deal Breaker

This is easier said than done, but let that man chase you! If you tantalize his senses, you’ll surely drive him crazy. This means smelling good every time you see him. You’ll have that man hooked if you can effortlessly make yourself look like arm candy. It’s important to give him the opportunity to pursue you and take on the masculine role. 

How Will I Know If He’s Serious About me?

A Taurus man getting serious can be a tad confusing. A Taurus man is a hopeless romantic things for you and be genuine about it while simultaneously pulling back and seeming distant. During this time, he’ll be cautious, taking the time to assess if you’re really right for him. 

During this time, it’s important not to make the wrong move. Don’t overwhelm him or put pressure on the relationship. He might pull back if you don’t talk to him. It’s best to have him chase you. Don’t become too available. This might cause him to lose interest. 

Tread Lightly 

Taurus men are withdrawn and stubborn. That doesn’t mean they won’t come back if they have grown attached to someone. Emotional connection is oftentimes the biggest reason why Taurus men keep crawling back. Take time to get to know him, to ensure that he won’t leave again. 

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