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How To Tell If A Sagittarius Man Is Playing You (Must Read)

How To Tell If A Sagittarius Man Is Playing You

None of us like being played. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and effort. This is why it is important to notice the clear signs when someone is lying to you or playing you. Sagittarius men are very hard to read, so be prepared to resort to a little guesswork.

If you’re looking for the obvious early signs that you Sagittarius is playing games, make sure to check out this in-depth guide: Sagittarius Man Secrets.

If you’re looking for the obvious early signs that Sagittarius is playing games, make sure to check out this in-depth guide: Sagittarius Man Secrets.

Otherwise, carry on reading these untold secrets;- we’ve got you covered!

If you are interested in a Sagittarius man but can’t tell whether he wants a serious relationship then we have the entire scoop just for you.

Here is all you need to know.

The Obvious Signs Of A Lying Sagittarius

You will notice that a Sagittarius man is honest regardless of the situation. This is because this zodiac sign barely ever lies. As the sign of the Archer, this zodiac sign likes to be straight forward and they like to say things as they see them.

Sagittarius men are comfortable just keeping everything nice and simple. He absolutely adores the thrill of the chase, so be mindful that once you fall for him, things might not turn out as hoped.

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He will always be honest about his feelings and will straight up tell you if he loves you or not. If he is lying to you, then he doesn’t want a serious partnership with you.

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Do Sagittarius Men Hide How They Feel?

A Sagittarius man likes his freedom. He values it above everything else. You will see this in their carefree attitude. This is because the zodiac sign is ruled by fire. They don’t care about being rejected because it will not stop them from doing what they want, whenever they want.

Make sure you know whether he actually cares about spending time with you.

He values it above everything else. You will see this in their carefree attitude. This is because the zodiac sign is ruled by fire. They don’t care about being rejected because it will not stop them from doing what they want, whenever they want.

He will move on with his life and waste no time in playing with your feelings. If a Sagittarius man doesn’t like you and is lying about his feelings, then he may do these few things:

  • Misrepresent facts
  • Avoid your company
  • Avoid making eye contact with you
  • He will keep things Casual
  • He will make excuses to stay away from you
  • He will make no time for you

These are some obvious signs that a Sagittarius man is no longer interested in you or has started to have feelings for someone else.  

For a more comprehensive guide, we highly recommend Anna Kovach’s guide Sagittarius Man Secrets. 

So, if you don’t want a romantic relationship with a Sagittarius man or if he is not in love with you then he may move towards pursuing someone else. They have no problem expanding their horizons in this way.

This desire to pursue anything, paired with their charm and confidence, is the perfect recipe for them to make anyone fall in love with them. If he really likes you, he will make it his priority to sweep you off your feet and make sure that you know it. This zodiac sign isn’t afraid to take charge in this way.

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In a nutshell, they never hide how they feel because the Sagittarius guys are excellent communicators. If they like you, then you will see this in both their words and their actions. He will make you his priority without any questions.

Is A Sagittarius Man Using You?

It is not a great feeling when you realize you are being used by someone. While a Sagittarius man is communicative, they can also easily detach and get bored and will do what they want, whenever they want. If you look closely at what he’s doing, you can know how to tell he’s playing you. So if he is using you or doesn’t like you, then here are some signs to look out for:

  • He won’t like the idea of meeting in public places and holding hands
  • His communication with you will be short and to the point
  • He will be indifferent towards how you feel
  • He will avoid responding to your calls and texts
  • He will be difficult and at times nasty
  • He will come across as bored when he meets you

If the objective of a Sagittarius is just to have casual sex with you, then he will not connect with you in any other way and will have no intentions of making you feel special. He will see you as a means to an end and only meet you for physical intimacy.

However, if he is falling in love with you, then he will leave no doubt about that in your mind. He’ll make use of his free time to connect with you regularly. So, If he is calling and sending a passionate text message far more than he usually would, you know he is serious, because they are not big on communication.

He will not hesitate to make you feel like more of a friend than you actually are to him.

If he is paying you lots of personal compliments, enjoy, as this is a good indicator that your connection is moving up into one of the next stages of your relationship. This is one of the biggest signs that a Sagittarius guy likes you. 

So, his actions will give you the confidence to know about how he feels for you.

How To Tell If A Sagittarius Man Is Not Interested In You?

Some of us can be aloof when it comes to detecting signs. A person may think they are showing you exactly what they feel, but it can still be sometimes hard to read the signs.

So, if a Sagittarius is not interested in you in any way then here are a few signs that will tell you this:

  • He seems distant
  • He will avoid any communication with you
  • There may be a chance that the Sagittarius man will end up ghosting you
  • His demeanor will be cold and difficult towards you
  • He will not want you to see his family and friends
  • He will show you that he doesn’t want a partnership or commitment

These are all the signs that he is not interested and has no intentions of getting to know you on a deeper level, and he is in no mood to fall in love with you.

Sagittarius men are the kings of detachment, and you will see this in the way they act around people they don’t like. This is because one of his favorite things is to travel alone so they can explore new places. He wants to live life to the fullest, this includes meeting new people as well. If he takes you places and has little adventures with you, you will know that he is serious about you. 

How Do You Gain The Attention Of A Sagittarius Man?

Are you interested in a Sagittarius guy? Do you want him to come back to you and pay attention to you? Well, then you need to show him that you understand his values and beliefs. Controlling a Sagittarius man is the recipe for losing his interest so never do that.

Instead, practice compassion and spend time understanding what he enjoys, wants, and needs.

The best way to do this is don’t pressure him or give him unexpected responsibilities because this sign doesn’t want that. He likes to do what he wants when he wants to.

Consider his personal emotions and if he wants to spend some quality time with his friends whether it’s staying away on a special birthday trip or going on random adventures, by you telling him that you haven’t got a problem with him socializing will instantly leave a smile on his face. And he will know that you are not going to try to stop his freedom. As he is known for enjoying the company of his closest friends. 

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So, you have to be willing to be patient with this sign as it will take them a while before they can commit to someone, if ever. All you can do is be kind, compassionate, and don’t be afraid to show your feelings.

However, don’t be too clingy and stifle his space as that will simply drive the Sagittarius man further away. You will need to let him have his own moment of space from time to time.  This kind of guy is very adventurous, so let him go for an adventure whenever he wants to. 

Final Words

It is difficult to have a relationship with a Sagittarius man but it is not impossible. Only a few make it to the other side.

When in conversation with a Sagittarius, expect it to be straightforward, and if he says he is feeling serious about you, the truth is he means it. He is big on honesty, and remember he will give you an honest answer either way.

So, here are all the signs a Sagittarius man doesn’t like you and how you can win his attention if you are in love with him. Value his freedom above all else and they will start liking you too

You’ll find even more untold secrets from relationship astrologer Anna Kovach, she provides everything you need to make a Sagittarius man chase you. Make sure to read it here.

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