How to Impress a Cancer Man - 10 Top Tips!


So you want to attract a Cancer man. If so, you’ll need more than your natural charm. Getting a Cancer man to fall in love with you requires understanding the unique personality traits of this zodiac sign and playing to his weaknesses.

In this guide, I’ll tell you just how to make a Cancer man fall head over heels for you. Make sure to review the important Cancer men personality information below and follow the given strategies to increase your chances of stealing a Cancer man’s heart. 

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What a Cancer Man Likes

The first step to getting a Cancer man attracted to you is understanding what he likes. Specifically, Cancer men admire these traits in women:

1. Assertiveness

While being overbearing or domineering can be a major turn off for Cancer men, a degree of feminine assertiveness is necessary to pull him to your side. Cancers love women who take the first step and aren’t afraid to hold their own in social situations. Without being pushy, you’ll want to show that you are your own person with real values and opinions in order to get a Cancer man to love you.

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2. Smarts

You’ll also need to exercise your brain a bit to make a Cancer man your own. These men are really attracted to intelligence, so having an above-average brain can help you woo a Cancer guy in no time. These forward-thinking men want to eventually start a family with the women they love, and a big part of these plans is having a wife who adds long-term intellectual value to the relationship. In a nutshell, you’ll need to show him you’re someone who’s fit for more than just a one night stand.

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3. Confidence

Confidence is another big boost if you’re looking to win a Cancer man’s heart. Though these men like their women to be feminine, they aren’t into purely submissive types who don’t have good self-esteem. Therefore, in courting a Cancer man, confidence is an absolute must.

Ways to Impress a Cancer Man

With this in mind, it’s time to go over some specific strategies based on astrology that you can employ to impress a Cancer man and make him your lover. If you understand the basic personality traits of this zodiac sign, finding ways to put these tactics into action can actually be quite simple: 

1. Stimulate His Mind

Remember what I said about smarts? One of the quickest ways to a Cancer’s heart is through his brain. When you’re around him, talk about things that are intellectually stimulating, particularly if they pertain to his interests. Is he into politics? Literature? Find ways to talk about these subjects in a way that will help spur on your budding relationship.

Cancer men are often misunderstood and this book “Cancer Man Secrets” will help you understand the signs that make up your personality.

You don’t need to be an academic to court a Cancer, however. Simply talking about your favorite books can help build trust and create the emotional bond you want to have with that sexy Cancer man in your social circle. This is especially true if you talk about your love of fiction, as Cancer men are natural storytellers.

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2. Cook for Him

Show him your affection by cooking for him. The Cancer sign is naturally associated with the stomach, meaning the age-old adage is typically true in this case. Cooking for a Cancer man can help him grow more intimate with you by deepening emotional bonds of trust and allowing these normally shy men to open up.

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Know what he likes to eat? Go the extra mile by preparing his favorite meal. You can bet this extra kindness won’t be forgotten. You could even involve him in the cooking process for an experience he’s sure to remember fondly. Though you don’t have to prepare his meals every night, doing so once every few weeks could be a special way to grow closer with him, as it will make you feel more like family to him (and if there’s one thing Cancers love it’s family).

3. Surprise Him with Something Nice

Who doesn’t love surprises? Winning over a Cancer man starts with caring. Move your Cancer crush by giving him a sweet surprise. This could be anything as simple as a compliment or a physical gift—either way, you can bet it will make him feel much more attracted to you than before. This is especially true if you can get his family involved. As this sign is highly family oriented, giving gifts to his mother or other family members could be a great way to truly deepen the emotional bond between the two of you.

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At their core, these types of surprises are a way of saying to your Cancer man that you understand him and appreciate him. Because the love language of a Cancer is all about the little things, he will immediately pick up on your affection for him through the small, day-to-day actions and intermittent surprises that you gift him—and you can bet they won’t be forgotten. A Cancer man will always keep these small kindnesses in mind and could even repay them by deciding to commit to a relationship with you.

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4. Be Supportive

Cancer men are among the most empathetic of the zodiac signs. This means that they are naturally supportive of their loved ones wishes—but they also expect the same degree of concern in return. Because this type of caring is in their nature, they may not understand more hands-off ways of love. For this reason, it’s best to ensure you are being supportive and even nurturing of your Cancer crush in order to prove your affection for him.

Does he have certain dreams he always talks to you about? Be supportive of those dreams and never crush them. Listen to the problems he’s facing in his work or personal life and be sure to offer empathetic feedback. Let the conversation stay toward his needs. These actions will help a Cancer man feel as if you really care about him, which will cause him to highly regard you in return. In a nutshell, be sure you’re there when a Cancer guy decides to talk about his problems—and also when he’s having a good day—if you want him to see the long-term value in dating you.

5. Look Great

It never hurts to look your best—especially when you’re dealing with men. While Cancer men aren’t as looks focused as, say, an Aries or a Leo might be, they still appreciate it when their women look good. This doesn’t mean you have to be a super model, of course, but if you want to make him feel attracted to you, you’ll want to put some effort into your appearance and clothing. Accentuate your unique features with the right hairstyle and clothing decisions, and never look like you just woke up from an extraordinarily deep slumber.

Looking your best is important for a few reasons: for starters, it shows that you care enough about him (and yourself) to want to look good in his presence and in public. This shows a degree of wherewithal that Cancer men in particular will appreciate. Just being able to know you look great can also do loads for your confidence, which will only help further the attraction between the two of you.

6. Get Silly

One of the things most people don’t realize about Cancers is their fantastic sense of humor. Because these men are naturally shy, they can find it difficult to make the first move when it comes to joking and playing around. Once you open these floodgates, however, you’ll find that your Cancer crush is one of the funniest people in your life. 

Importantly, he’ll be able to match his sense of humor to yours, meaning the two of you are sure to share many memorable stories the more time you spend with each other. Joking around and learning not to take everything so seriously (even if it’s about yourself) is a great way to show both confidence and a charming sense of humor to a Cancer man, both of which can help you in your quest to steal his heart.

7. Be Loyal

Nobody likes a disloyal partner, but it’s rare to find someone who values honesty as much as a Cancer guy. These men place a premium on their family and loved ones, and they are seeking women who pretty much do the same. For this reason, make sure you never speak ill of your family or friends when around a Cancer man, as this can be a major turn off and sow seeds of doubt about your loyalty. If you can diss those closest to you, after all, what might you say about him?

Knowing this, it’s important to tell him how important family and friends are to you and even bring your friends and family members around the two of you at times. This will help him feel like part of the click and trust you more, both of which can help facilitate a relationship with a Cancer man.

The Bottom Line

By understanding what Cancer men like, you’ll be able to win the heart of that special Cancer man. Make sure to review the important personality traits here, as well as employ the Cancer-specific astrology tips above in order to deepen the bonds of affection between you and your Cancer crush and increase the potential of a relationship between the two of you.

Things not working out like you suspected? Be sure to check back here regularly to make sure you’re not making any mistakes! And also download Cancer Man Secrets – this book has helped with my relationship!

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