Signs a Taurus Woman is Over You

Relationships are an important thing to Taurus women. They are often looking for their ideal man and will have a difficult time getting a breakup.

A Taurus woman might feel distraught at first if her love life takes a turn for the worse. She’ll feel a deep sense of loss when her romantic partner leaves her.

Taurus women are strong, though. Even if they lose their long term partner, they will eventually get over the break up and learn to love again.

She’s Working on Herself

One sign a Taurus woman is over her feelings for you is that she’ll focus on herself. When a Taurus woman is done being heartbroken, she will take the time to develop herself and make any changes she thinks are needed.

A Taurus woman can learn how to use her negative emotions to fuel the changes she wants to make in her life. She will likely take some time for self-care and self-development before she starts dating again.

She Doesn’t Make Time For You

A Taurus woman might stay friends with you after the end of your relationship. She may still spend time with you, especially if she thinks that you might change your mind about the breakup. She may even continue to make romantic gestures if she wants you back.

When a Taurus woman is over you, she’ll stop making time for you. She may begin to ignore you and stop talking to you as often as she once did.

You’re Not Part of Her Routine

Taurus is a fixed sign and an earth sign. Taurus women crave routine and stability. You were likely part of her daily routines when you two were in a relationship. When a Taurus woman makes big changes to her routine after a breakup, that means she’s moving on.

Your Taurus girl will change up her routine once she’s over you. She might start going to a different gym or coffee shop if she no longer wants to go to places that remind her of you.

She’s No Longer Affectionate

Taurus females are very affectionate with their partners. A Taurus woman will always treat her partner well. She’ll shower them in expensive gifts, make them good food, and show them love as often as they can.

When a Taurus woman stops being affectionate, she’s over you and your relationship. If she’s considering breaking up with you, she might start withholding affection before the relationship even ends.

You Aren’t a Priority

Relationships matter to a Taurus woman. Her partner will always be a priority. She’ll think about his needs when making decisions. Once you are no longer a priority in her life, that means a Taurus woman is over you.

She will stop spending time with you. Her personal life or career will take over as the top priority in her life. She may even stop showing interest in you completely.

Your Taurus Woman Likes Her Independence

A Taurus woman might feel sad at first once she no longer has her man’s heart. If she was in it for the long haul, it may take some time to get over you.

A Taurus woman will get to the point after a breakup where she learns to appreciate her newfound independence. You can expect that she will slowly get over her feelings of hurt and learn to enjoy being single again.

Taurus Women Change After Breakups

The Taurus zodiac sign is a stubborn one. A Taurus man or Taurus woman will be extremely resistant to change. When a Taurus woman is over her ex, though, she will get out of her comfort zone and start making changes.

A Taurus woman might seem like a whole different person once she’s over you. She may become interested in new hobbies or start to learn new skills in her quest to focus on something other than her heartbreak. You might even notice a difference in her personality traits.

Will a Taurus Woman Act Differently Toward You?

When a Taurus woman no longer sees a future with you, she will start acting differently around you. Even if you two stay in contact, she will start to treat you differently than she did when you two were together.

If you betrayed a Taurus woman, she will likely lose all respect for you. She’ll get over you, no matter how hurt she is, and she’ll never act the same way around you again.

She Starts a New Relationship

Once a Taurus woman is done with you for good, she may decide she’s ready to start seeing someone new. Taurus women don’t often do rebound relationships. She might still feel weirdly loyal to her ex if she still loves him and she won’t want to lead someone new on.

This is one sure sign that a Taurus woman is over you. She won’t get a new partner unless she is completely done with you. Even if you two are still in contact, this is a good sign that you are firmly in the friend zone for her.

A Taurus woman is highly unlikely to ever go back to an ex once she gets with someone new. She’ll only start seeing a new person when she is really and truly over her ex. Until that happens, she will be fine being single and working on herself. You’ve lost your Taurus ex for good once she gets a new man.

She Ghosts You

A Taurus woman won’t always continue to talk to you after a breakup. She might still be available if she’s hoping for a reconciliation. She may ghost you if she’s given up on the relationship completely, though. She will definitely do this is you made her feel betrayed during your previous relationship.

If you’ve just been casually dating or chatting up a Taurus woman and she decides she’s no longer interested, she might ghost you as well. She won’t want to waste her time or yours if she thinks you two are wrong for one another.

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