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When a Cancer Woman Is Mad at You - 5 Easy Ways to Tell

Uh-oh. You messed up, and you’re almost certain that beautiful Cancer woman in your life is mad at you. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell. Women of this Zodiac sign are notorious for their mood swings and emotional flair as it is, making it harder to gauge when they are acting out of the ordinary.

Fortunately, however, there are some telltale signs that a Cancer woman is angry at you. In this guide, I’ll go over five of the most common ways she will react when you’ve gotten under her skin. I’ll also tell you some things to avoid so that you can keep a healthier relationship in the future.

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Things to Avoid when Dating Cancer Women

Astrology makes some things very clear. In this case of dating those gorgeous Cancer women, it tells us that you should never:

  1. Betray Her

Let me clarify: no woman likes betrayal. Still, Cancer women are less forgiving than others, and may take signs of betrayal—especially cheating—as reasons to become explosively angry and vengeful.

  1. Make It All About You

Cancer women don’t need to be the center of attention—but they also don’t want to be pushed off stage. One of the most common complaints for Cancers is that they feel excluded in their relationships. One way to keep her happy is to always validate her feelings, even (sometimes) at the expense of your own. This will show her you love her and need her.

How to Tell She’s Mad at You

Keeping in this in mind, let us go over some glaring red flags that show a Cancer woman is angry at you and that your fate with her could be coming to an end:

  1. She’s Reclusive

Notice your Cancer lady spending more time on her own? This isn’t a good sign for you. A common way Cancer women cope with their anger is to shut off the world around them—or at least the person who made them angry. Importantly, this isn’t done as a form of punishment but rather as a way for her to connect with her emotions and try to figure out her best course of action moving forward.

In this scenario, I recommend that you give her time to herself. Yes, her seclusion could cause her to pull away from you, but the last thing you want is to make any conflicts deeper. In confronting her, you may hurt her even more and exacerbate any feelings of anger she may have, particularly if you are unable to control your emotions.

  1. She’s Negative

A mad or upset Cancer woman may also get negative, particularly if she fails to resolve the anger in quick fashion. The longer a conflict stretches, the more she’ll begin to grow anxious and worried about the future. Her uncertainty will drive her into bouts of depression, where this Zodiac sign’s natural sparkle will disappear and be replaced by constant doubt, anxiety, and suspicion. At this stage, it’s likely that her feelings will become a jumble, and she may even start reaching out to people for contact.

If you identify this behavior in your Cancer partner, I recommend sitting down with her. Of course, the situation requires tact. You don’t want to do anything that puts blame on her. She’s not looking for a dialogue as she is a recognition of her feelings. Show her this love and it could do wonders for your relationship.

  1. She’s Got Mood Swings

I know what you’re thinking—your Cancer woman always has mood swings. It’s part of who she is. She’s just emotional. If these mood swings have gotten more frequent or intense, however, it’s time to start taking the situation more seriously. You may notice her get randomly and explosively angry only to calm down a few minutes later and then grow deeply sad or anxious.

If these mood swings continue over a long period of time (a week or more), this is a clear sign that your Cancer woman is angry at you over something—and it’s always on her mind. Again, the best means of finding out what’s wrong is to simply acknowledge her feelings. Instead of debating her, make it simple policy to assume she is right and really listen to why she is feeling so out of sorts. This will send her signs that you are willing to listen to her.

  1. She’s Always Out

Depending on how angry your Cancer partner is, she may choose a different route to express her anger. It’s basic astrology: when a Cancer woman is extremely angry at her partner, she may look for a way out of the relationship. If you cheated on your partner, especially, don’t be surprised if she’s always outside. One of the biggest signs that she is angry and possibly even ready to move on is that she’s always outside. Her absence is designed to send a clear signal: she’s doesn’t need you.

If you made the grave error of cheating on her, you can expect that she will return the favor. There’s some utility in it for her: she gets to find a new partner before breaking off the relationship with you. A Cancer woman who is mad or upset at you will cancel engagements with you and instead make dates with other people (and even other guy friends). At this point, you’re truly in the doghouse and shouldn’t be surprised if she does find someone else.

  1. She’s Passive Aggressive with You

A Cancer woman may also express her frustrations with you in more subtle ways. It’s no secret that women of this Zodiac sign are passive aggressive. It’s part of their astrology. You may find that she is silently combatting you on every decision the two of you make together and constantly second-guessing your choices. She’ll throw out pointed criticisms without being overt with them. This is designed to get you to feel frustrated and out of sorts. In other words, it’s a bid to get you to recognize her emotions.

As frustrating as it may be, I don’t recommend showing your anger. Instead, calmly discuss any problems that exist in your relationship, emphasizing hers. Airing your own grievances could make your Cancer partner feel that you aren’t listening to her. She could take these signs as a negative, hurting your chances of reuniting.

The Bottom Line

Astrology makes one thing clear: Cancer women can be unpredictable, extremely emotional, and unforgiving when angry. If you’ve hurt your Cancer lady or made her mad, she may experience anxiety, depression, anger, and a desire for vengeance.

Take my advice: if you really love her, sacrifice your grievances to validate her feelings and make her comfortable in the relationship again. By becoming someone she can rely on, you can make sure the relationship stays healthy past 2020 and over the long term.

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