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How to know if a Sagittarius man likes you (6 ways to tell)


Think that cute Sagittarius guy you like is growing sweet on you? In this guide, I’ll tell you how to find out for sure! When it comes to dating, Sagittarius men are some of the most unique and charming lovers, but you’ll want to make sure you’re reading the signs right before you embark on a relationship with him.

Keep reading to find out some of the most common actions Sagittarius guys make when they fall in love!

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1. He Quickly Becomes Your BFF

It happens fast—sometimes unbelievably so. A Sagittarius man’s gentle and charming disposition can quickly lead him to become your BFF. Don’t worry, however—this doesn’t mean you’ve been relegated to the friend zone. Instead, it’s a sure sign that your Sagittarius crush is actually into you.

Let me explain: a Sagittarius doesn’t date anyone he doesn’t feel comfortable with. In other words, the friendship phase—and in particular, the BFF phase—is a necessary part of the process when dating a Sagittarius. If you find you and your crush talking day and night (and especially if there’s some flirting involved), you can bet that he’s growing serious about you.

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2. He Looks After You

This is doubly true if he’s always looking after you. Maybe he buys you lunch when you’re out of funds or sits and talks with you when he senses you’re having a particularly bad day. These are all signs that a Sagittarius not only takes you seriously but actually desires to make you feel better. Sagittarius guys are extremely passionate about the people they love and are willing to make unbelievable sacrifices for their happiness and comfort.

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If you’ve noticed him sticking by during the hard times, then, there’s a strong chance it’s because he views you as more than a friend. I recommend using this opportunity to make your move—it could be the opening you’ve been looking for!

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3. He Prods You Intellectually

Sagittarius men are known for something else, too: their curiosity and intellect. When a Sagittarius guy likes you, he will constantly ask your opinion on a variety of subjects, ranging from movies to politics—and even philosophy. This is a sign that he values your input and is looking to gauge the compatibility of your worldviews. In other words, he wants to know where you stand on certain issues and potentially even wants to persuade you on what you don’t agree on so that the two of you are more compatible matches.

This is one of the fun parts of dating a Sagittarius. Don’t take it lightly if your Sagittarius crush starts coming to you more and more for your opinion. This is a strong indicator that he’s looking for a deeper relationship with you.

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4. He Gets Dramatic

Let me tell you another defining characteristic of Sagittarius men in love: they get dramatic. This is particularly true when you’re upset. If they pick up on negative vibes from you, they will do whatever they can to cheer you up, from making absurd jokes, calling you multiple times, or randomly checking up on you when they’re supposed to be doing something else. They may also get frustrated if they sense their efforts are to no avail.

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These dramatics suggest that your Sagittarius crush is really into you and deeply cares about your wellbeing. Though it can be a bit annoying or overbearing at times, this sweet devotion is part of what makes Sagittarius men so charming—and is a sure sign that your Sagittarius guy is head over heels for you.

5. He Gets Personal

Typically, Sagittarius men don’t like to share their feelings or personal details about their lives or history. If your crush is doing that, then, it means he really is serious about you. Specifically, this is a sign that he trusts you and is willing to let you know more about who he is. By opening up to you, he is inviting you to accept (or even reject) him on a deeper level—which is one of the ultimate signs of trust to a Sagittarius.

On the flip side, Sagittarius men who are serious about their desired partners are also great listeners. They will sit for hours while you divulge your own personal history and are great rocks when it comes to trying times. If your Sagittarius crush exhibits either of these qualities, take it as a great sign for your potential relationship.

6. He Will Get Possessive

You can also tell if your Sagittarius crush likes you by how possessive he is of you. If he views you as just a friend, he won’t mind if you hang out or even talk extensively with other guys. Sagittarius men who are in love, however, can get jealous easily—and they’re not afraid to let you know. This may come in the form of openness, such as asking you directly why you are with other people, or more subtle ways, such as ignoring you for a set period of time. The common theme, however, remains the same: a Sagittarius guy will not simply sit by and watch as you are with other men if he’s truly serious about you.

What this means is simple. If that Sagittarius man in your life is constantly getting jealous over other guys, it means that he views you as more than a friend. If you like him back, then, I recommend taking this chance to let him know how you feel.

The Bottom Line

More times than not, you’ll know if a Sagittarius guy is serious about you. If you’re having trouble telling, however, make sure to refer to this guide and Sagittarius Man Secrets. From becoming your friend to getting possessive, a Sagittarius man isn’t afraid to let you know exactly how he feels about you. With this piece, you’ll be able to identify in an instant whether that Sagittarius crush you have is into you, as well.

Do any of these signs sound like your crush? It may be time to make your move!

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