Virgo Woman Negative Traits

The Virgo zodiac sign is one of the most intelligent and sophisticated ones you can encounter. They are methodical, analytical, and perfectionists, which leads them to achieve great accomplishments.

Now they are not always the nicest of people, especially when they have their minds set on things! They also have a hard time embracing their extraordinary talents. These and many other negative traits can be found in the Virgo woman’s personality.

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But this valuable information is not for you to criticize them. Knowing the dark sides of each other is a great first step in this wonderful journey of self-knowledge.

At least that’s what I experienced. When I came across Virgo Secrets, new doors opened for me, doors that I never dared to explore before. Now, I have a secret weapon to connect more deeply with those around me.

In the meantime, I invite you to read on and find out about some of the flaws of Virgo.

1. Overly critical:

Virgo woman has a very analytical and meticulous way of approaching her surroundings. She appreciates order and cleanliness, and you will never see something out of place in her home or workplace.

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Virgos have a reputation for being overly critical, and that is perfectly fine. However, sometimes, they tend to be overly critical, which can be quite annoying. The Virgo will do anything it takes to keep you on schedule, from ensuring that your dress sense is clean and smart to ensuring that you don’t miss your monthly haircut.
Now, if she happens to visit you, watch out! She will notice those tiny flaws you didn’t bother to fix, whether it’s a leak or a dirty dish. This is far too annoying for her acquaintances. If they are sulking, they avoid passing Virgo on the street.

 The same goes for clothes and appearances. Virgo is very self-critical and is also very hard on others, even if she means no harm! She just doesn’t realize that her remarks are very offensive.

2. Low self-esteem:

As a matter of fact, the main target of her negative remarks ends up being herself. Virgos is constantly putting herself down. She is never pleased with her accomplishments, no matter how much praise she gets from the rest of the world.

She feels unattractive and undeserving of a lucky break in life. Sometimes this causes her to turn down good job opportunities, as a kind of self-sabotage. An easy and fulfilling lifestyle seems suspicious to her, as she’s not accustomed to experiencing contentment.

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3. Hard to satisfy:

At the same time, Virgo woman does not settle for just anything. She is very demanding of herself and others, making demands that are very hard to meet.

Instead of relaxing and enjoying her circumstances, she manages to find a flaw or a problem. Needless to say, her companions lose their patience every time they meet her. It’s just that the Virgo woman only seems to see the glass as half empty! And this often makes her seem ungrateful and insensitive.

Problem solver, Virgo’s like to tackle problems of close ones and the people around. Initially your friends or family might think that you are trying control their life but in reality what they do is help out with responsibilities so others don’t have stress

 4. Obsessive ideas:

If you want a glimpse of what obsessive neurosis looks like, try living with a Virgo! When a thought pops into her head, she doesn’t let it go until it’s sorted out. She is continuously analyzing her actions, interactions, and responses. Even if it’s been months since they happened!

She has a hard time accepting things as they are. Moreover, she loves to think of parallel scenarios in her head, trying to modify her experiences to no avail.

5. They struggle to adapt to others:

A Virgo woman is very disciplined and treasures her daily routine. She prefers to follow well-trodden and predictable paths, and will never venture out of her comfort zone. That is why she doesn’t adapt easily to unexpected circumstances and avoids relating to unreliable people.

Virgo women are neither impulsive or spontaneous. She prefers to follow a well-drawn map for fear of encountering something dangerous or unknown.


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6. Victim mindset:

Virgo women don’t deal very easily with their faults. When things don’t turn out the way she expects, she often blames external events. She will play the victim and assure herself once again that luck is not on her side.

Instead of accepting her mistakes and moving on, she will complain about how much of a failure she is, feeding her low self-esteem. This prevents her from being proactive and setting ambitious goals. Unless, of course, they are perfectly timed and there is no room for uncertainty.

7. They are austere and solitary:

Virgo woman is what is known as a frugal person. She is not fond of luxury or overindulgence, which makes her quite thrifty and somewhat predictable.

You can never tempt Virgo to party and spend her money on anything less than practical and functional. If she does, guilt will come to hunt her down, keeping her from making the same mistake again.

Furthermore, if she were to indulge in a splurge, she would recall all the unfortunate people around the world, and the same cycle of guilt would repeat itself.

8. Too rational:

When you abuse the left hemisphere of your brain, it jeopardizes your creativity and empathy. Well, this is what happens with our Virgo woman. She is so fond of rationalizing everything that she ends up neglecting her sensitive nature.

When faced with a confrontation or a dramatic incident, she won’t know how to react and may freeze up like a robot. Moreover, she may find it difficult to think of innovative solutions to help herself and others in times of distress.

9. Judgmental:

It is no accident that Virgo has such low self-esteem. This feature conceals a very judicious and demanding mindset. Since she is so accountable and hardworking, she hates to see others slacking off or underachieving. As a result, she will criticize them in silence and never dare to associate with them. She is not a quarrelsome type, so she will keep her thoughts to herself and label them without offering people a second chance.

Closing thoughts

Virgo’s labyrinthine mind has great advantages, such as the ability to solve complicated logical problems quickly and efficiently. The problem with Virgo appears when it comes to relationships and handling her emotional realm.

If you relate to a woman of the sign of Virgo, you must feel identified. But before giving up on her, try to download Virgo Secrets. Just like me, it will give you precious gems to take charge of your relationships.

Don’t just take my word for it; try it for yourself!



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