How to make a Gemini man want you back

Do you have your heart set on the charming yet elusive Gemini man, and want your Gemini ex back?

I’m sure you have already noticed by now that being in love with a Gemini male is not easy, and many things can go wrong that can send him running for the hills. It’s a little tricky to get one back, but not impossible

Did you maybe say and do something, and now your lover is not acting like he used to, and he doesn’t seem interested in you anymore?

Are you trying to figure out how to attract a Gemini again and get your Gemini man back?

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Below I will give you some information on how to make a Gemini man want you back and how to get him to fall head over heels with you all over again.

How to make a Gemini man want you back

Do you want to know how to get a him to chase you again? Below I have listed some tips and tricks I suggest you try to get a Gemini man’s attention back.

1. Show him you have changed.

The best way to get a Gemini man back is to show him that you have changed. If you are going to be the same as you were before, it can be really challenging to get his attention again. If your ex sees you are a new, exciting person, and that you have let go of your previous negative habits, patterns and ways of thinking, and you are now embracing life and all the experiences it has to offer, he may want to engage with you again.

2. Entice him to reach out to you

Post pictures of yourself on social media engaging in new, fun activities, hanging out with new, interesting people, and you just living your life. Your ex will likely reach out and ask about these new activities or people, as you will be on his mind and he won’t be able to resist his curiosity.

3. Tell him you love him and want to be with him no matter what

Let your man know that he is still the one your heart belongs to, and you will hold a space in your heart for him no matter what. Once he enters the real world and sees that it is rare to find a person who cares for him and really loves him as much as you did, he may be willing to give it another try, and you could get your Gemini man back.

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4. Show him your strengths and your worth

Gemini guys dislike drama queens or people who are emotionally weak. Avoid reacting to things overly emotionally, and show him that you are cool calm and collected throughout the chaos, and he will be impressed. He seeks a resilient, confident partner, and showing him you can bounce back and become an even better person after a difficult situation will lead him running back into your arms.

5. Give him his space

Don’t act clingy and continuously trying to get the Gemini man’s attention once things have ended, you must provide him time and space. A Gemini man is quickly put off by needy behavior. Continually trying to reach out and talk to him after a breakup, well it’s not a good idea, as he must be allowed space to clear his head. Don’t send message after message, allow him to take some time to reply. Even though, you two might have always replied instantly, don’t spam him asking why he’s not replying.

They just really want time, they hate feeling trapped or going through the same thing as before. If he felt boxed in or weighed down during the relationship, he’ll won’t rush to dive into another relationship with you. He needs time to heal and think about his feelings and emotions. So it’s time to take one step back and try and see things from his perspective, don’t force him to do something. If he’s mentioned he needs some time then respect his wishes and don’t try to pressure him.

6. Try out new, exciting things on your own

 Try out a few new hobbies, maybe revamp your wardrobe and try out some new styles, and engage with new people and places you haven’t before. What does the Gemini man like in a woman? A woman who is willing to explore new, exciting things. When he sees you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and really explore life with as much enthusiasm as he does, he may consider to give a relationship with you another shot.

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7. Be nonchalant

This could be the most important dating tips of all that we’ve listed. Do not show the Gemini guy you are desperate to be with him again. Stick to the mindset “if it is meant to be, it will be” and do not be overly pushy to patch things up again. Just try and live your life as usual, and let things happen naturally. Keep the avenue for communication open, but do not force it.

Be open to being friends with your ex but avoid at all costs looking desperate, remember he needs to see you standing on your own two feet and being fine without him.

8. Dazzle him with your intelligence

Geminis like to learn different things and keep developing their mind. They are curious and intelligent creatures. They like to have their mind stimulated. If you really want to stand a chance against his intelligent references and puns through chatting then it’s important to stay up to date, you may intrigue him. Read a new book ideally something that’s current and trending. If you’re more of a visual learner then watch a documentary or miniseries on something culturally relevant. If you know of a topic that he knows a lot about, or maybe something you both shared, then brush up on your knowledge and dazzle him with puns.


Do Gemini men ever come back?

Don’t be mistaken, most Gemini men do not fall in love easily, and when they do, it can be quite a confusing experience for them. Many will stray and wander away from their true soul mate due to them being naturally curious about what else is out there.

The thing is, when they discover what is out there, they realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side and that they had a good thing going, and many times they may get back together with their true love.

Sometimes, they like to play games, and knowing how to tell if a Gemini male is playing with you can be rather tricky.

If your guy has left to seek out greener pastures, do not fear, as he will likely soon realize that no one can match up to you, and he will regret leaving the relationship, or not fighting harder. Suppose you had a serious relationship with a one, and it was not just merely a hookup or a fling. In that case, chances are once he has moved on, the Gemini will compare every person he gets romantically involved with to you.

If he cannot find someone who matches up to you, you can bet you can get his interest and love back once again, and get back together with him.

What to say to a Gemini man to get him back?

Geminis are some of the more tricky zodiac lovers to understand. If you’re trying to get your Gemini guy back then I suggest you try to come across like you’re super busy with social events, every night and at weekends you’ve got something on. Think of new subjects you’ve not discussed with your ex before. If you’re pushing yourself out your comfort zone by going to a new music festival or if you’re going sky diving, now’s the time to mention it. Make yourself appear to be mysterious and excitement, keep him asking questions but don’t give away all the answers.

How do you make a Gemini regret losing you?

If you cheated on a Gemini male, then it can be very tricky to get the Gemini back, as he will not be able to shake off the pain due to the betrayal. If the breakup was due to other reasons, then you might still be in luck.

How do you get a Gemini man to miss you after a breakup?

In order to make a Gemini man miss you after a break up, you need essentially be a social butterfly. You may want to spend some time with your girls, make a habit of going out every weekend to the bar or club. If there’s a resident photographer make sure to get a few snaps featured on their social media pages. Make sure you’re active on social media; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you’ve still got him as a friend or follower then this is good, make sure you spam pictures and videos of you smiling and having a great time. If you no longer have him as a friend, but one of your girls still has him then get her to take lots of pictures and tag you. 

It’s worth mentioning though it might start off as an act, this is a good way to enjoy yourself again and confide in your girls. If you end up getting back together, and you may want him to remain obsessed with you, if that’s the case then you need to be a social butterfly!

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