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How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You (9 Top tips)

Virgo men are known to be exciting and fun to date. They can be shy sometimes or not give too much heed to your signals. I know that’s a bit annoying, but we are here to help you out.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some tricks up your sleeve to make them chase you instead of you going after them?

Well if you share the same ideology, you’re at the right place as these tips and techniques will help you get a man to chase you.

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How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You

Do Not Keep Him Guessing

A Virgo man does not like games. Therefore, do not keep him guessing. Be direct and upfront that you like him. If you are interested in him chasing you, let him know. Communication is all that you should do is initiate dating with him. If he finds you worthy enough, he will come after you and chase you till the end. But, you must assure him that you will be completely his after the chase. Do not leave room for confusion as it will only make them back off.

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Be Patient

If you want a Virgo man to come after you should be patient with him. He will not be romantic sometimes and you may need to tell him what you need but it’s all about patience.

you really want a Virgo man to come after you, discuss your likes and dislikes, so they feel attracted to you. Patience is really important when you are dealing with a Virgo man. He would like to do things on his own and in his own style that you may need patience to deal with. This is an important trait that can help you further along in a relationship as well.

Plan Going Out With Him

Virgo men are known to get bored easily. If you are just meeting him inside your home or in the same place, again and again, it makes them lose interest. For this reason, you should plan outdoor activities and start exploring new things. Try different and interesting activities that will make him enjoy his time with you and want more.

I would recommend going out on dinners to your favourite restaurants to make him feel more special and loved. You can also plan something with both of your friends sometimes such as a hangout. He would love to go out with you if you are as excited about going out as he is.

Dress Nicely

A Virgo man is attracted to strong and independent women who have a unique sense of style as well. Therefore, you must up your style game if you want him to come after you. Dress in a way that reflects your strong and powerful personality. Do not hesitate from trying out new dressing styles.

A Virgo man notices everything so you should focus on every little detail. Do not go for the looks that you cannot carry out effortlessly as it will only look like a disaster on you.

Give Him Space

A Virgo man does not like clingy women who want to talk to him all the time. Therefore, you should give him all the space that he needs and do not try to talk to him all the time. You can do so by creating your own individual space. Let both of you respect each other’s space.

There might come a time that a Virgo man feels emotionally drained due to all the pressure. Understanding that he needs space at this time is most essential to impress a Virgo man and make him come after you.

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Be Honest

Virgo men love honest people as honesty is the basis of any relationship. I would suggest you remain honest and clear while talking to them. Virgo men love people who are honest with them and share secrets with them. Do not hurt them by telling lies or playing guessing games.

They hate to guess things and want everything to be clear and straight to the point. It creates a really bad impression if you lie to them about something, and they find out the truth from somewhere else. They will never be able to trust you genuinely if something like this happens.

Trust is the key to every relationship’s success. Be honest and truthful to a Virgo man, and he will continue to adore you.

Do Not Lose Focus Of Your Own Goals

Virgo men prefer career-oriented women. So, do not lose yourself and your personality while trying to make a Virgo man chase you. A career-oriented woman is what attracts the Virgo man the most.

The more you will focus on your career, the more a Virgo man will find himself falling for you. So, if you want a Virgo man to follow you, you should not lose your personality in the process and be the amazing woman that you are.

Be Serious

If you are not serious then don’t expect a Virgo man will ever chase you. Virgos are extremely serious about their life. They like people who have goals and are serious about them. I suggest you show signs of your seriousness and commitment to them. It will show them how much they mean to you.

You can talk with them about your goals and life decision, and they would love to hear about it.

Virgo men are also intelligent and can give you good advice on matters of life while keeping you motivated for your goals.

Let Him Be Of Service To You

A Virgo man takes much pleasure in helping you and wanting to be of service to you. Although individual women do attract him, he wants to help the ladies now and then to show his dominant and helping nature. Therefore, if you want a Virgo man to take interest in you, let him help you and be of service to you.

Should you make a Virgo man chase you?

You must make it clear that you want him. When a Virgo man falls for you, it will be an all-consuming fire. You need to communicate your interest in him and he’ll do anything to please you – even if that means being romantic! But don’t expect any romance on his part; these guys are too shy of course.

How do you know if a Virgo is into you?

A clear sign he’s interested in you is if he often asks for your opinion or sparks up intellectual conversations with you. 

Final Words

Although a Virgo man is loving and devoted, he does need to satisfy his ego. This is why he is attracted to strong and independent women who have a softer side as well. Therefore, you must follow all the above tips if you want to make a Virgo man chase you.

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