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How to tell if a Cancer woman likes you (6 untold signs)

Cancer women are incredibly gentle, caring, and loving individuals. They possess a motherly quality where they are on a quest to nurture and care for all those that cross their path.

Very few people can match up to the level of emotional empathy a Cancer woman possesses.

A Cancer woman is worth her weight in gold, and once you realize what she can truly offer, you will never want to let her go.

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How to tell if a Cancer woman likes you

Are you trying to get a Cancer woman’s attention? Are you trying to figure out how to tell if a Cancer woman likes you?

It is essential to know how the Cancer woman functions romantically, and also what to do when she shows a romantic interest in you. Below I will give you signs to look out for in her behaviors to see if she likes you.

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I will also give you a few suggestions, tips, and tricks on how to get her to open up regarding how she feels about you.

The Cancer female romantic nature.

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When a Cancer woman has her eyes set on someone, she is not shy to flirt. She will make it clear that she is interested. However, only once she is sure her feelings will not be hurt. The Cancer woman first has to establish if you are a safe person to open up to.

She needs to know that her heart will be safe and protected by you. As soon as this is established, you will start to notice how she feels through her behaviors. Once she has made it evident that she has feelings for you, you can expect her to start mothering you. She will shine your shoes.

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She will pack you lunch and do all your laundry. A Cancer woman’s way of showing love is by removing the stresses you might have in life and nurturing you in every way possible.

Signs a Cancer woman likes you

She’s frequently in touch with you

A Cancer woman does not feel the need to stay in constant contact with people she is not interested in engaging with. On the other hand, when a Cancer woman feels strong emotions for someone, she will want to always be in touch with that person. If a Cancer woman is texting and calling you every day to check in with you and to spark up a conversation, it is a sign she enjoys your company.

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She wants to be alone with you.

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When a Cancer woman asks you to hang out with her without anyone else around, it is a sign she wants all your attention to be on her. It takes a Cancer woman a long time to feel safe and comfortable being alone in another person’s presence. If she wants to be alone with you, she wants to show you a special side to her. This side to her is a part of her; she does not show anyone else.

She invites you over for dinner.

A Cancer woman knows that there are few things a man likes more than a home-cooked meal. Suppose a Cancer woman is inviting you over to taste her delectable dishes. In that case, it is a sign she is trying to creep into your heart and woo you with her cooking skills.

She wants to care for you.

Suppose a Cancer woman is asking you how your day went, whether you have eaten or if you need help getting your laundry done. In that case, it is a sign that her nurturing instincts are kicking in. Cancer women have an instinct to go into “mommy mode” whenever they love someone, and she will go out of her way to make sure you are healthy, warm, fed, and looked after.

She opens up about her emotions.

Most Cancer women have a compassionate emotional side that they do not show many people. Cancer women fear the responses and rejection they might face when they do show others their genuine emotions. If a Cancer woman is telling you about her deepest emotions and feelings, it means she trusts you, and she likes you.

She makes time for you.

When a Cancer woman is setting aside all her other duties and responsibilities to be with you, it is a good sign. Most Cancer women are always tending to and helping others in need. A Cancer woman’s responsibilities are very important to her. She upholds a high level of honor in what she does. If she risks neglecting her duties to be around you, she has a special place in her heart for you.

What to do when a Cancer woman likes you

When you realize a Cancer woman has feelings for you, make sure that you show her that you have feelings for her as well. Be open and honest regarding your genuine emotions toward her. Do not be dishonest; as a Cancer woman is very intuitive and can instantly pick up on lies and deceit.

It is essential to show her that you are willing to put in the effort it takes to see if a relationship will work. If the Cancer woman can see you want to make it work from your side, she will do whatever it takes to make it work from her side.

Do not keep things laid back and casual. Avoid being overly independent and excluding her from your life. It is essential that the Cancer woman feels you are serious about the relationship.

The best way to show her this is to show her your commitment and show her that you will always be present when she needs you. Talk about the future, and include her in your future plans. When she sees that you see her as part of your life, she will be willing to give her heart to you.

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