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When You Hurt a Scorpio Woman - 5 Things To Look Out For

So you’ve gone and done it. Whether intentional or through a blunder, you’ve hurt that gorgeous Scorpio woman in your life, and now you’re wondering what happens next. Unfortunately, things might go from bad to worse before you’re able to repair your relationship, depending on the degree of your mistake.

In this guide, I’ll tell you five of the most common ways a Scorpio woman will act when she’s been hurt and also go over some key pointers on how to keep from hurting a your lady in the future. Specifically, I’ll review some of the things that a Scorpio woman dislikes so you can avoid them and keep your relationship strong.

Let’s start!

What Scorpio Women Dislike

Before I jump into how your Scorpio woman may be acting, let me begin by reviewing two major turn-offs (and potential causes of harm) for women of this zodiac sign:

  1. Being Controlled

Do you like having complete say over your relationship? Well, she doesn’t. In fact, such dominance can cause her to revolt against you, particularly if the control is too overbearing. Scorpio women are independent, and they like to roll their own way

  1. Disloyalty

Scorpio women are also particularly sensitive to disloyalty. While anyone would be hurt by major acts of betrayal such as cheating, women of this Zodiac sign expect loyalty in just about every way. They may take it personally if you go against what they say in front of their friends, even if you think it’s benign. In order to not hurt them, then, you must understand how they think and conform to this as much as possible.

How Scorpio Women Act When Hurt

With that being said, let’s take a look at some specific ways that a Scorpio woman will react when she’s been hurt:

  1. Moody

Notice a change in your partner’s behavior? It might be that she’s trying to cope with a wound that you gave her. One of the most common ways that Scorpio women react when hurt is to become moody. They will go through a broad range of mood swings in a short period of time, at one moment seeming content, happy, and loyal, and the next being extremely angry. There will also be periods of intense sadness thrown into the mix—making it pretty easy for you to tell if something’s wrong.

The best way to handle this is to confront it directly. If you leave a Scorpio woman alone with her pain for too long, she will regard it as disloyalty because you obviously cannot understand her feelings. Though it might be difficult at first, find a way to approach her gently so the two of you can have the conversations that will ultimately put your relationship back on the right track.

  1. Manipulative

Of course, sometimes her reaction will be worse. If she feels that you are ready to leave her or that you have done her too much damage, a Scorpio woman will use her great intuition to manipulate you for her gain. When she’s in this state, she’ll do whatever it takes to get what she wants, meaning things could get ugly between you, too. Ultimately, she’ll feel bad for the manipulation, particularly if she’s doing it spitefully, but she’s likely to continue doing it until she feels the problem between the two of you has been resolved.

If you suspect that she’s trying to manipulate you, I recommend talking to her directly about any issues the two of you may have. Don’t worry about who is right or wrong—just try to understand her and get to know her thoughts and needs. This is the best way to clear the air and move forward in a healthy way.

  1. Vengeful

Sometimes, her revenge may go much deeper than simple manipulation. Depending on the magnitude of your crime, your Scorpio woman may plan deeper means of sabotage. This may include not hanging around with you, cancelling your engagements, and even embarrassing you while the two of you are out in public. Because Scorpio women are extremely empathic, you likely don’t have to worry about her cheating on you (even if you did the same to her). The goal of her revenge is to get you to recognize her feelings of pain and distrust—she’s not really out to have sex with another man.

The only way to avoid the combat zone of her vengeance is to fess up to what you did wrong and to apologize for it. Her natural empathy will lead her to a quick reconciliation, as she will not want to war with you for long.

  1. Guilty

You might also notice her acting guiltily. Even if you’re not aware of her manipulation or revenge-seeking, you may notice that she is being extra nice to you at other times. Scorpio women often act this way when they perceive themselves as doing something wrong. Simply put, it is not in their nature to simply exact vengeance and deal out pain. If your Scorpio woman is doing this, even in private, she will almost certainly find ways to make it up to you.

This could include her being nicer than usual, giving you things, cooking you meals, offering sex more often, etc. In all likelihood, you will be able to tell if she’s acting strangely. If you do, I recommend asking her gently if something is wrong—and not letting up until the two of you have laid it all on the table. Once you know what is wrong, you can begin to fix your relationship.

  1. Hurtful

If you hurt her deeply, however, it’s also possible that she disregards your feelings and acts overtly hurtful to you. In this way, a Scorpio woman is similar to a Taurus woman when frustrated. Scorpio women following this tactic have one goal in mind: punishing crime. If you cheated on her or committed some other grave error, don’t be surprised if her natural kind disposition is replaced with boiling anger and a wickedness that will cause her to be unusually critical and hurtful. She may lambast your appearance, your ideas, and in general everything that you do in an attempt to erode your self-esteem and make you feel as small as she does. Trust me: you don’t want to be on the wrong side of a Scorpio woman like this.

At this point, the relationship can go one of either two ways: reconciliation (which won’t be easy, considering her anger) and separation. You’ll have to discuss this with your partner to find the road that best suits the two of you.

The Bottom Line

One thing’s for sure: you really don’t want to hurt a Scorpio woman. Not only is it the wrong thing to do but doing so may lead to a number of unintended consequences for you. Women of this Zodiac sign are known for their ability to exact vengeance, manipulate, and criticize when in pain, even if their naturally amicable disposition makes reconciliation relatively easy.

Have you noticed your Scorpio woman acting this way around you? If so, make sure to read this guide and consider your situation carefully to find out what it is she needs and how best to heal any wounds you may have given her. Doing so can boost the safety and security of your relationship in both the short and the long term.

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