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Leos are lions, Aries are rams, and Pisces are fish—but what are Sagittarius? If you’re looking to find out what animal represents the Sagittarius, this guide is for you. As you’ll soon discover, Sagittarius is quite unique when it comes to its symbol. Keep reading to find out how it’s different and what this means for the Sagittarius personality type!

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With that being said, let’s jump right in!

Sagittarius Mythology

As I mentioned, the Sagittarius is quite unique when it comes to its animalistic representation. That’s because, unlike other Zodiac signs, which are represented by real animals, the Sagittarius is represented by a mythical creature: the centaur. For those unfamiliar, the centaur is a mythological creature that has the head of a human but the body of a horse.

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What exactly does this mean? It’s complicated. On the face, we can instantly tell a few things about the Sagittarius personality from this mythological representation. For starters, the centaur is half-man and half-beast, a complex creature that has its identity in two different worlds. Like this creature, the Sagittarius is always moving forward to something different, even while keeping one foot in the tradition that grounds him.

The centaur is also a creature that is always looking skyward. Sagittarius individuals, as well, have their sights trained on their lofty dreams and aspirations. This means, of course, that the Sagittarius often misses what’s going on right in front of him and can be quite naïve to things that are happening in his social circle. 

Importantly, it must be said that, while the centaur is the popular “animal” representation of the Sagittarius, it is not the Sagittarius spirit animal. Coming up, we’ll look at the concept of spirit animals and go over some of the animals that are commonly linked to the Sagittarius personality types. 

What Is a Spirit Animal?

It’s easy to mistake the popular representations of the zodiac signs with the concept of spirit animals. However, the reality is that spirit animals are something different entirely. Specifically, a spirit animal is an animal that is linked to the specific personalities of different people. This means that, in the case of Sagittarius individuals, there can be a different spirit animal for every person based on the distinct Sagittarius personality types. 

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Sagittarius Spirit Animal

So what are the spirit animals commonly associated with Sagittarius personalities? There are two animals that are frequently linked to Sagittarius individuals. Let’s take a look at each in turn:

  • Horses

Horses are fast and intelligent—just like Sagittarius men and women. These animals are able to carry heavy burdens and still move forward confidently until they reach their destinations. Sagittarius individuals, as well, are able to bear responsibility and use their superior intelligence to charge through life and get what they want. 

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  • Cats

Another common spirit animal for the Sagittarius is the cat. Naturally curious just like cats, Sagittarius individuals are also independent and pursue their interests and goals with a single-minded passion. Another similarity between cats and Sagittarius men and women is the ability to focus on oneself, even to the exclusion of all others around them. Sagittarius individuals interact only with those individuals in whom they show interest. Like cats, they don’t pretend to have an interest in things or people who don’t really catch their eye. 

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Why the Centaur Then?

Though we’ve touched on it a bit already, it’s worth taking a more in-depth look at the connection between the Sagittarius zodiac sign and the centaur. In this regard, it’s worth noting that the Sagittarius constellation itself is linked to ancient Greek centaur mythology. Specifically, it’s said to be the shape of the centaur Chiron, son of a titan and half-brother to Zeus who sacrificed his immortality and was thus immortalized in the stars.

We can note several similarities between the mythical Chiron and Sagittarius men and women today. For starters, unlike most centaurs, Chiron was seen as intelligent, cultivated, and ambitious. It’s for this reason that he’s often portrayed as having the front legs of a human (distinguishing him from the less cultivated centaurs who were most of the mythological centaur population). 

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Likewise, Sagittarius individuals tend to be quick-witted, eloquent in their speech, and driven in the pursuit of their goals. As Chiron was an innovator who brought pharmacy to the world according to the legends, so too do Sagittarius individuals continue to innovate.

It’s no wonder, then, that the Chiron constellation is the representation of the Sagittarius zodiac, as the two share so many similarities when it comes to personality.

So What Does All This Mean?

Given all this, I recommend taking a deeper look at the Sagittarius personality to see just what this zodiac sign is all about. What does it mean, specifically, to be like a centaur—and to be the ninth sign of the zodiac?

Let’s break it down based on three categories (element, personality group, and planet):

  • Element

Sagittarius takes the ninth slot on the karmic wheel that represents the core of the zodiac. This means that it is a fire sign and that Sagittarius individuals will display the personality traits you might expect from this element. Sagittarius individuals can be fiery, passionate, and stubborn, just as their fellow fire signs can be (i.e., Aries and Leo).

Just as a fire continues to grow and consume, so too does the curiosity of a Sagittarius. These men and women are never content with the status quo and are always probing deeper to find out the meaning of things. Their passions can totally absorb them when they are in the pursuit of a heated goal, and their energy can be nearly unmatchable when they really get going.

Because Sagittarius individuals are consumed with fire, they also tend to be pure at heart. That’s because the fire burns off the deadweight and negativity that would cause their personalities to suffer and leaves only the drive and ambition characteristic of the Sagittarius.

  • Personality Group

Individuals of this zodiac sign also belong to the “mutable” category of signs in terms of personality. What this means is that Sagittarius men and women aren’t bound by one single idea or theory and instead keep open minds. This, combined with the natural intelligence characteristic of the Sagittarius, makes many individuals born in the Sagittarius time frame more philosophical and intellectual. 

It’s for this reason that you’ll often find a Sagittarius engaging in deep conversations with the people they love. This isn’t just because they like to debate (though they do); it’s also because they genuinely wish to seek answers from those they trust. A Sagittarius can change his mind on a topic several times until he believes he has arrived at the truth. This is all part of this sign’s inclination to really understand the world around them.

  • Planet

A Sagittarius is also ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter’s influence plays a large role in Sagittarius’s quest for knowledge, but it plays another equally important (and related) role, as well. Specifically, Jupiter induces in the Sagittarius a sense of adventure and a desire to travel the unknown. Sagittarius individuals love going out to new places and seeing the world. It’s a thrill for them to be able to take in the sights and sounds and also compare these locations and what they have to offer with the existing framework of their knowledge.

If you are close with a Sagittarius, you understand how this affects their desire to live life. Simply put, a Sagittarius does not turn down for anything, but instead constantly moves toward the next adventure. They love to keep moving and can use the endless energy fueled by the fire of their passions to take them from one exploration to the next. While others around them may become exhausted with the constant motion of their lifestyles, Sagittarius men and women can’t imagine living a life that isn’t always on the go. Instead, they prefer to do, see, and learn as much as possible so that they are better equipped for the future and know more about the universe around them. 

The Bottom Line

No one can quite match the wit, passion, and drive of the Sagittarius man or woman. These individuals are some of the most ambitious of the zodiac, and they generally boast the competence and the curiosity to make even the wildest of their fantasies come true. Ruled by Jupiter and consumed by fire, Sagittarius individuals are represented by the mythological centaur, a unique creature that symbolizes the uniqueness of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

In this guide, I went over the basics of the Sagittarius sign, from its mythological representation and spirit animals to foundational information regarding Sagittarius personality types. Use the Sagittarius Man Secrets guide to help get to know the Sagittarius people around you better (and perhaps even increase your chances of dating one of them!).

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