Taurus man in bed-min

Taurus man in bed

Sex with a Taurus lover is often a sensual, romantic experience.

Taurus men love sex, and they want to please their sexual partners as much as possible.

He’s Very Sensual

Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, so it is the most sensual of the earth signs.

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Taurus men love exploring a woman’s body during sex. They want their other senses engaged as well.

Taurus men love to experience all life has to offer. Smell, touch, taste, etc. are all important to them.

A woman want to put on some soft music or nice smelling perfume when having sex with a Taurus man.

Taurus men don’t just focus on touch during sex. Life is about experiencing all sense.

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A Taurus lover rarely skips on foreplay with a woman, even if other men might.

A Taurus man will be on high alert during sex and make sure any woman he is with has a great time.

He Can Go All Night

One of a Taurus man’s positive sexual traits is his stamina. Taurus guys have a high amount of sexual interest.

Women should be prepared to be going for a while when having sex with a Taurus man.

The stamina of a young man will always be high, which makes sense. An older Taurus guy will still have a lot of stamina, though.

If you are in a long-term romantic relationship with a Taurus man, be prepared to have a lot of sex.

You might think most men are focused on themselves. This is not true with Taurus.

Taurus men typically focus on their partner during sex, so his stamina is a good thing! You will definitely end the night feeling satisfied. 

He Likes to Savor the Experience 

A Taurus man in bed loves to spend time with his romantic partner. They aren’t interested in having quick sex or just getting to the “main act” in bed.

As mentioned, Taurus men are very sensual. They are also very sexually aware.

This means that many Taurus men like to take things slow and savor their sexual experiences.

A Taurus man will take his time getting to know his lover’s body. He’s in no rush at all. 

When you’re with a Taurus man, just live in the moment. Let him take all the time he needs to please you both. Enjoy the experience for what it is.

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Sticks to a Routine

Not every Taurus guy has wild ideas when it comes to sex. In fact, many of them like sticking to a routine once they find one they like.

He’ll often stick to his, and his partner’s known turn-ons in bed. He won’t always explore anything else once he finds something that works.

Taurus men are also strong-willed and stubborn. Expect to spend a lot of time trying to convince him to mix things up if that’s what you want.

Two Taurus man secrets are that they don’t always like one night stands and they can be boring in bed. This is because of their love of routine.

He’s an Attentive Lover

Other men might focus on themselves during sex. You don’t usually need to worry about this with a Taurus man in bed.

Taurus men make great lovers because they are attentive to their partner’s needs. They are some of the best lovers because of this.

Taurus guys want their lovers to be satisfied after sex.

When you’re with a Taurus guy, he will gladly give you oral sex or whatever else you need to get off.

You can make subtle suggestions about what you want your Taurus man to do. He’s not always a self starter but he’ll listen to you.

Erogenous Zones

The sign of Taurus rules the neck. This means that you can drive a Taurus man wild by kissing this area of his body.

You can kiss all down a Taurus man’s throat and neck during sex. This will please him very much!

Little things like running your fingers over the nape of his neck will drive him wild too.

A Taurus male might enjoy it if you focus on his back as well. Try getting some massage oil and soothing away any sore muscles before you two have sex.

Taurus guys love to find their partner’s erogenous zones. They take pride in finding the perfect places to touch their lovers.

He’s Sensitive

Taurus is very sensitive. This means that sex can often be an emotional experience.

A woman who is with a Taurus will always feel cherished when having sex with him. He can get very sappy when in a relationship.

He is fine showing his emotions during sex, especially when he’s in a committed relationship.

Taurus men are physically sensitive too. His whole body will light up when you have sex with him. 

You can often get a Taurus man riled up with just one kiss. He doesn’t need a lot of foreplay to be turned on, even if he loves it.

Sometimes Passionate, Sometimes Laidback

You won’t always see a lot of passion from Taurus during sex. He can be passionate at times, but other times, he wants a quiet, relaxed moment.

Taurus is a laid-back sign. A Taurus man loves to relax sometimes, even when having sex. 

You can expect to have slow, lazy sex with a Taurus man at times. He may want to only do little things that don’t involve a lot of effort, especially if he’s tired.

Other times, though, a Taurus man will make all your sexual fantasies come true! He has a passionate side, even if he doesn’t always show it.

Not every zodiac sign is like this. An earth sign like Taurus is low key. Others are more passionate.


Many of a Taurus man’s sexual interests aren’t that wild or out there. He’ll have a few kinks regardless.

Sex toys are often one thing Taurus enjoy in bed. Many sexual activities involve toys because Taurus men think they can increase pleasure during sex.

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Sexy lingerie is fun during sex too. They love seeing a woman’s femininity and lacy, well-fit lingerie is a great way to show that off.

Kinks don’t always matter for a Taurus man in bed. He is fine taking things slowly and having vanilla sex.

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