Do Taurus Men Accept Apologies?

Doing something wrong against a Taurus man is like deleting your younger brother’s WoW account. He will damn the day he met you, swear he will get his revenge, then go crying about it in his room. But you will still see him at the dinner table.

Taurus men have a reputation for being unforgiving. They are known to be stubborn, and there are few zodiac signs out there who can hold grudges for longer than a Taurus man.

Their unbending nature is one of their core personality traits. You can’t get a Taurus man without strong feelings, especially when he feels like he’s been wronged.

I’ll try to offer the weary traveler a handbook on how to deal with the wrath of a male Taurus in the article below. Yet, beware, Taurus guys aren’t the ones who will accept responsibility for a fight.

So, if that’s what you’re after, I suggest spending your time on something more productive. Watching the paint dry?

Make sure to equip yourself with this online guide, as well. If a Taurus man is mad at you, God knows you need all the help you can get. Let’s go!

Will a Taurus Man Forgive You?

The question that’s probably on your mind right now is whether your Taurus friend will forgive you. The Taurus zodiac sign can be quite cruel when they’re mad. Harsh words get thrown around; the passive aggressive meter is off the charts; mutual friends learn all about your unmatched cruelty. And you’ve probably only forgotten to empty the dishwasher.

It’s really difficult for a Taurus man to let go, and that’s mostly because they put on a huge show every time they’re upset.

Their egos would hurt, and their hearts would break if they were to admit they were wrong. So, the only logical option is for them to stop talking to you until they can get their own way.

A perfect partner will immediately admit to the mistake and apologize directly, so they can show them how much they respect the Taurus man. It really depends on whether you feel guilty or not. If you were in the wrong, you could send him a heartfelt apology letter, which will probably save your relationship.

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Contrary to popular belief, Taurus men love the easy life and will want to forget what happened sooner rather than later. So, if you give him the space he needs to cool down, then go to him with an honest apology, there’s a good chance that you can make a Taurus man forgive you.

Does a Taurus Man Apologize?

Never in the life of a Taurean will they apologize. Even if they knew, they were the ones to blame. So, maybe take this possibility out of your mind, and start looking for the exact words that will help you deliver the best apology.

How Long for a Taurus Man Move On?

Only you can decide how long it will be before your relationship can heal. No matter why you two fought, one thing’s for sure: Taurus hold grudges. This is why you need to be considerate of how your Taurus feels and hear their side of the story. Even if it makes no sense for you.

It’s wise to wait until they’re in a better mood, so don’t just go shifting the blame on him when he’s in pain. Most times, he’s got no idea why you would act in a way that makes him feel bad, even if you feel like you were totally justified.

So, giving him some space won’t hurt, then you can explain your point of view to the bull when he’s more like himself.

Depending on the gravity of the fight, it might be a while before he’s ready to let the past be the past and go back to being the caring, romantic lover he once was. Don’t hold it against him if he’s still upset after a long time.

Remember that Taurus men have a really hard time processing their own emotions, especially if those emotions imply negative situations.

When the woman they love does something to end up on their wrong side, a Taurus man feels guilty, as well. They will miss your physical touch and will sulk in their own feelings for longer than they’d like to admit.

But the big strong bull can’t show any weaknesses, so they prefer to push you away rather than become even more vulnerable. Give him some time, and he’ll surely come around.

What to do When a Taurus Guy is Mad at You?

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your apology and save your relationship with a Taurus man, you really can’t go wrong with gift giving. Many people think a Taurus person is just materialistic, but that’s not really true.

They do love material objects, and they enjoy their fair share of luxurious items, but they aren’t all about nice things.

These material possessions could mean anything, from one of your scrunchies he found in his bathroom to a loving letter you wrote for him. If you can give him something he can anchor himself into, he will have an easier time processing his feelings.

The easiest thing you can do to ensure you’re on the right path is to apologize sincerely. From then, a loving present will do wonders for the mood of your Taurus guy.

If he accepts it, that’s a great sign that he’s ready to move on and that he’ll quickly get out of his own feelings and back into your bed.


The Taurus zodiac sign is a truly fascinating one. They are loyal and very caring and generally quite fun to be around. Yet, the Taurean rage is something that people all around the globe know. A Taurus being stubborn is something everyone recognizes, no matter what language they speak.

Accepting responsibility for a fight you got into with men born this sign is a surefire way to tell whether someone is mature or not. Sometimes, we need to pick our battles. Luckily, this fight was already picked for us.

If you need additional help on how to deal with the pain of such a predicament, I invite you to look into this online guide. There is plenty of information there on how to take your relationships with Taurus guys to the next level.

I know I used it more than once while in a relationship with a Taurus guy, and I can confidently say it saved my skin.

Don’t worry. He’ll come around sooner or later. He’s a great person and a fantastic lover, but he just can’t understand that he can be wrong sometimes. Happened to the best of us before.

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