How Do You Know When a Scorpio Man Is Done (The 4 Most Obvious Signs)

Wondering if your Scorpio man is done with you?

You’re not alone. Many women have wondered the same thing. But don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Read our article now and find out what to do if your Scorpio man is done with you!

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to know if your Scorpio male has lost interest in you – and what to do about it.

How do you know when a Scorpio man is done with you?

  1. He’s stopped putting in effort 
  2. He’s not clingy anymore
  3. He’s stopped telling you things about himself
  4. He’s no longer attracted to you

Before I begin, I would like to express my love to all Scorpios. Don’t come after me; I’m just trying to make your ex-partners feel better about themselves.

There are certain things to know about Scorpio men in order to have a successful relationship with them. When a Scorpio man loses interest in you, it might be because they feel like they can’t trust you. They’ll lie to you the same way other signs act, so it’s important to be aware of how they operate. Once you know what to look for, it will be easier to keep them excited about the relationship. 

Once a Scorpio man has lost interest in a relationship, he’ll often give the silent treatment or seek revenge.

If you’re no longer interested in him, he may still try to hold on to the relationship by lying or playing games. But eventually, he’ll move on and find someone new – usually someone who acts like him.

However, do keep in mind that Scorpios are not the only ones capable of making a relationship work – it takes two people committed to making things work.

And remember that if things don’t go your way, don’t get too upset – Scorpios have a long memory and can hold grudges for a long time!

Anyway, let’s start our descent into the darkest depths of the Scorpio man’s mind. There might not be a few survivors.

However, if you’re wondering how to know when a Scorpio man is done, you should probably know by now that his mind is not filled with rainbows and cotton candy.

Some parts are, but there might also be some dead bodies in there. You’ve been warned. 

I tried including relevant ways to tell the difference between a Scorpio in love and a Scorpio who’s had enough. But I also tried to make this as funny as possible because I bet you’ve had enough drama for a while. 

If you’re still confused by the end of this article, I suggest checking out Scorpio Man Secrets, which contains some more helpful information on the minds of these signs. 

1. No more romantic gestures for you

Probably one of the easiest ways to determine if there’s any spark left between you and your Scorpio man is to whip out the romance-o-meter. They live for romance and they love sex. They won’t ever miss a chance to act out a Grease scene with their loved one. 

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If mistletoe doesn’t put a flicker in his eye or if your back has been strangely un-hugged as you’re washing the dishes, you can be sure that he’s done. One way to test this is by asking him to watch The Notebook or an equally cheesy movie with you. 

As long as he’s still in love, your Scorpio man will pull out a pint of ice cream and a pack of tissues from a top hat. But a Scorpio who’s had enough will probably pass on the opportunity. 

You can also measure this by the frequency of forehead kisses. Scorned Scorpios will gradually hold out on these because they know they pretty much love currency. 

While you’re apart from each other, a Scorpio will write you love letters and call you to remind you how eager he is to see you the next time you’re together. When he is done with you, he’ll will likely stop this. 

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2. He’s not as clingy anymore

If you suddenly realize that you’ve been able to do your work without interruption lately, this might be a good sign that your Scorpio man is not feeling your relationship anymore. Again, refer back to the beginning of your relationship. At the height of his love for you, he would have followed you to the bathroom if you’d allow him to. 

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Moreover, when a Scorpio is done, you can expect him not to text you as frequently. No more memes for you, no more selfies, and no more pictures of other people’s dogs. He might also refrain from commenting on the images you post on social media. 

Plus, when the love is gone, you can be sure he won’t put as much effort into your dates. If there are any dates left. If he’s still trying to figure out his feelings for you, he might put on a front, but you’ll be able to tell his heart isn’t in it anymore. 

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However mysterious Scorpios might think they are, they’re terrible liars.  

In the case of a Scorpio man hurting you, you need to consider whether he has already left, or is still around. There are things you can do to help you get closure or move forward with your own life. Get to know him as well as you can so that when these types of issues arise, you will be prepared and know what to do. Success is possible with a Scorpio man. Communication is key. Keep in touch often and be as open as possible. 

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3. He doesn’t share any more information about himself

When it comes to Scorpio men, being vulnerable is a big thing. They want to lose themselves in their partner, which is why they will go past their insecurities and open up to you. You know, when they’re still excited about you. When these men fall in love, they can’t be bothered with small talk. 

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Late-night conversations and heart-felt confessions are a daily occurrence. This is why it’s pretty easy to spot a Scorpio who’s pretty much done. His heart will close off, and he won’t share any more of his thoughts and feelings with you. You won’t hear about how your actions are making him feel or how his day went. Which you might not notice at first as you probably needed a break, anyway. 

As he’s bracing himself to end the relationship, he would probably try to return to his old, mysterious, dark wizard self. It’s almost like he’s trying to make you forget he’s still sleeping with a teddy bear. 

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Astrologically speaking, men born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are not good liars. Scorpio guys are very easy to catch when they are lying. 

Often Scorpio men will play with your emotions, but you should know that if he’s not interested, he’s not. This is especially true when it comes to someone he loves. This is his true self. 

4. He doesn’t seem attracted to you anymore

This one is a bit of a hit or miss since I’m pretty sure there’s nothing you can do to a Scorpio man that will make him not want you. You know, in the purely physical way. But the keyword here is “seem.” He doesn’t seem attracted to you anymore. 

When a Scorpio man is done, the last thing he wants is to show weakness. And you already know what his biggest weakness is. So this is why he’ll start pretending you don’t stir any kind of sensation in his body – it’s his way of reclaiming control over his feelings. 

The logic behind this is “fake it ‘till you make it” because, frankly, he’s got no other choice. And since you know there’s no way his attraction to you has vanished, this means that he’s probably done. Because it takes some effort for him to fake the lack of interest, and there’s no other reason why he’d do that other than to show you he’s checking out. 

Relationships can be intimate, but sex is the main way for a Scorpio man to show intimacy. Scorpios feel that the only way to see their emotional feelings is to have sex with their girlfriends or anyone they love intimately. A Scorpio man loses his sexual and sensual attraction to you when he is no longer interested. You’re probably no longer his sex partner since someone else has taken your place. In his eyes, he’s not cheating on you. Basically, he’s trying to let you know that your time with him is up. 


For a Scorpio man, once the initial excitement of a relationship wears off, he may start to lose interest. He may withdraw emotionally or give you the silent treatment. And if he’s no longer interested in you anymore, he’ll find ways to make you feel it. He might lie to you or seek revenge in some way.

Men are Scorpions. They love to play mind games with their partner and will do anything for revenge if you’ve slighted angered them in some way! It may seem like the zodiac sign is all about sex but these guys just need time before they find interest again so give it a while before giving up on this personality type altogether because there’s no gain without maybe losing something important along the way.

That being said, there are different types of Scorpio guys – some men lose interest, while others may still be interested but start playing mind games.

It’s important to remember that Scorpios need their own space and they’re not the best at handling physical intimacy.

If your Scorpio man seems to have lost interest, it might be because he’s not getting what he wants from the relationship.

He may also look for vengeance if he feels wronged in any way. The best way to deal with a Scorpio is to give him some space and recognize that they act differently than other signs.

If he still isn’t interested anymore, you might want to move on and find someone who is compatible with you in a relationship.

When all is said and done, the truth is that it’s not rocket science to determine whether a Scorpio is done with you or not. They can’t really act to save their lives, especially when it comes to matters as sensitive as their own hearts. If you’ve hurt them enough for them to consider breaking up with you, they won’t hold it in. 

You’ve probably been told his exact thoughts and feelings multiple times. The good part is that these men are usually overly-dramatic, and their emotions can change from one moment to another. So it won’t be tough to convince him to give you another chance if that’s what you want for some weird reason. 

Bonus Tip: When a Scorpio man misses you after a breakup or when you’re taking a break, he’ll start checking up on you. Continue reading to learn more. 

Wait! It’s dangerous to go alone. Why don’t you get Scorpio Man Secrets. You need the help, and if all else fails, he’ll be endeared to know you went the extra mile trying to understand him. 

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