Every woman goes through a Princess stage throughout her life, and that’s OK. Unfortunately, some of them will keep living this fantasy and look for their Prince Charming at every corner. For those women, a Taurus man might be the next best thing. 

They are nothing but patience and class, and there are few other signs out there who can romance you the way a Taurus man can. If you’re ready to settle into a white picket fence life with a man who will buy you flowers just because, keep reading. 

I will teach you how to attract a Taurus man into your life and keep him there with minimal effort. I also recommend reading this guide, which can teach you some of the lesser-known things about the mind of a Taurus. It’s quite an exciting read, and it helped many of my readers catch their perfect bull. So, let’s see how you can find one for yourself, shall we?

Stay Classy

Ruled by Venus, these men have a keen eye for beauty. They make fantastic decorators, love art, and always dress to impress. Aesthetics are a big part of who they are, and they strive to live their lives as a work of art. In addition, their patience, soothing voices, and mild manners make them the ultimate gentlemen. 

It’s no surprise that they will be attracted to women who possess the same qualities. If you want to catch the eye of a Taurus man, flashy is the last thing you want to be. Therefore, I suggest you take care of how you present yourself. Make sure to wear nice clothes that aren’t too provocative, tasteful make-up, and avoid being rude or loud as the plague. 

In addition, stay away from pettiness, gossip, and crude jokes. A true Prince Charming needs a lady, and Taurus men are all too grounded to deal with a “feisty” woman. They want someone who’s warm, caring, and kind. 

Bake Him Cookies

As an Earth sign, a Taurus man is all about bodily sensations. With pleasure-loving Venus as their ruler, it’s no surprise that they are the ultimate foodies. These men enjoy good food, good wine, and quality bedsheets. They want to be spoiled and taste the best life can offer them. 

This doesn’t mean they are snobs. Although they certainly appreciate expensive things, they know that a higher price tag doesn’t always mean better quality. You can appeal to this side of him by baking him a tray of cookies or cooking a delicious meal that you can enjoy together.

If your relationship is not quite there yet, you can always just buy him a nice bottle of wine as a gratitude gesture for something he’s done. Alternatively, show him that you appreciate life’s small pleasures, just like he does. Even if he isn’t overly elegant, a Taurus man will love to know you like cooking for yourself. Don’t tell him this is your third night in a row eating nachos for dinner. 

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Show Him You’re Reliable

When Taurus falls in love, they fall hard. They live for romance, and they don’t want to waste any time on casual flings. If they’re dating, they are certainly looking for a long-term relationship, and they will focus their efforts on someone who shares their perspective. You can’t attract a Taurus man by ending a relationship after a couple of weeks. 

They take note of these things. Taurus men will only consider you as a potential partner if you can show them you’re a reliable, trustworthy girlfriend. Even if you two start as friends, make sure to reply to his texts on time. Don’t cancel dates at the last minute, and keep your promises to him. 

This will show him that you have what it takes to build a life with him. This is how you show him that you aren’t playing any games and that you’re worthy of his respect and his effort. Because they do put a lot of effort into their relationships. These natives won’t end a relationship just because they were bored. They will fight alongside you until the end. And they need to know you’re ready to do the same thing. 

Don’t Play Mind Games

Some men enjoy the thrill of a bit of mind game, but Taurus men are an absolute exception. They aren’t excited by the chase the way Aries men are. They don’t enjoy second-guessing and trying to uncover your secrets as Scorpio men do. And, most of all, they won’t toy with your heart to make you mad about them. 

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With Taurus men, what you see is what you get. They have sensitive hearts and appreciate the simplicity of love. They want warmth and comfort, not the highs and lows of a toxic relationship. For them, love is gentle and relatively simple. 

This is why you should try being your most authentic self. Stay away from childish games of cat and mouse, and you will get much more out of your relationship with a Taurus man. 

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Attracting a Taurus man is anything but complicated. These men are fond of beauty and simplicity. As long as you’re kind-hearted and live your life with love in your heart, you will stumble upon a Taurus man sooner or later. And when you do, I suggest you treat him the way you would treat an old friend. Listen to him, give him your honest opinion when he asks you things. 

These men have gentle souls and a genuine appreciation for the little things in life. You won’t seduce them through elaborate mind games. You shouldn’t go through every Cosmopolitan listicle trying to find ways to impress him. Just being your kind, generous and sunny self will be enough. 

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The mind of a Taurus man isn’t all that intricate. You can pretty much figure them out by looking into their eyes. Yet, if you need additional help, you can always check out this guide. There’s a lot of information on how these men think in there. I bet you will find some unexpected gems that will help you reach your goals in no time. 

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