How to Make a Pisces Man Jealous (4 ways)



So you want to make that charming Pisces guy in your life jealous? You’ve come to the right place. Here, I’ll provide you with a fool-proof guide to getting that special Pisces jealous over you.

It may be simpler than you think. A total romantic and born dreamer, Pisces men are quick to get jealous. These water signs feel deeply about the ones they love and find it hard to control their emotions. 

Knowing this, let’s take a quick look at some Pisces man personality traits and some easy ways to make him jealous. But first, make sure to check out Pisces Man Secrets in-depth PDF, one of my favorite resources for zodiac-themed knowledge!

Pisces Man Personality

The best way to know how to make a Pisces man jealous is to have a good grasp of the core tenants of his personality. For this reason, let’s go over two of the pillars of the Pisces character:

  • He’s Reactive

Pisces men are ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter, which basically means that they are among the most empathetic of any men in the zodiac. These guys pick up on your mood quickly and are highly sensitive to your wants and needs (especially if they have feelings for you). As such, they tend to act strongly in relation to your emotional state, desires, and needs.

  • He’s Charmingly Romantic

You simply won’t find a man more naturally romantic than a Pisces. These men are born dreamers and seem to have all the right words and actions to make you feel beyond special. Because they are naturally optimistic and tend to give a lot of themselves when they fall in love, they can become jealous if they feel their love and attention are not being returned. 

How to Make a Pisces Male Jealous

Given all this, what’s the best way to make a Pisces man jealous? In this section, I’ll tell you how to do just that in four simple steps. Make sure to follow these to get the reaction you’re looking for out of your Pisces partner:

  • Stop Spending Time with Him

It’s important to understand that Pisces men aren’t naturally jealous. This is in part due to their natural empathy and loyalty. However, if you go long enough without spending time with a Pisces man, you will surely begin to make him jealous. He will begin to wonder if you are spending time with other guys, especially if there are other important male friends or coworkers in your life.

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In doing so, you may have to play the long game. He will surely be understanding at first and may even give you the benefit of the doubt for a surprisingly long time. Still, if you do it long enough (and especially if you do it in conjunction with some of these other tips), you may just make him jealous.

  • Talk to Him about Other Guys

One of the quickest ways to make a Pisces male jealous is to constantly talk about other guys in front of him. Though they are naturally charming, they feel surprisingly insecure, especially as it relates to the people they love and potential impediments to a long-term relationship. 

Therefore, if you praise or compliment another guy (or guys) in front of your Pisces partner, you can expect him to start getting jealous. These compliments can be about anything: their work ethic, their appearances, their wealth, etc. The important thing is that you keep it consistent, as this will get your partner really thinking that you may have the hots for another guy.

  • Make Him Doubt Himself

This leads me to my next point: sometimes, in order to make a Pisces man jealous, you need to make him doubt himself. As insecurity often serves as the wellspring of jealousy, making your Pisces man doubt his ability to please you is basically a sure-fire way to get him jealous.

With this being said, however, you need to be careful not to do permanent damage to your partner’s self-esteem. As I mentioned, Pisces men are in-tune with their partners emotions and feelings, and they can react quite seriously to the things the people they like say. If you go long enough making him doubt himself or praising other men at his own expense, he will grow to think that he is not good enough, which could leave long-lasting psychological damage. If you’re just trying to get him jealous to make him notice you or mess with him, then, you want to be sure not to cross the line between fun and real-life damage.

For all your astrology needs, check out my favorite resource: Pisces Man Secrets. It has so much knowledge in it and is an excellent read for anyone who wants to know more about how their zodiac sign works.

  • Mess With Him

If you want to make him jealous without getting too serious, you may simply consider messing with him. Instead of opening up to him consistently, try to mirror your emotions and responses on whatever he is doing. After a while, he will notice this behavior and wonder if he is doing enough to keep you engaged in the relationship. You can simply play with him like this in order to get the gears in his head turning without throwing him into the deep end and potentially scarring him unintentionally.

Because a Pisces man is naturally loyal, you can bet his response to this type of behavior will be better than if he feels as if his trust has been totally betrayed by the person he cares about the most. 

The Bottom Line

Unlike a Scorpio male, a Pisces man isn’t quick to get jealous. However, by playing the long game, you can get a Pisces to start feeling jealous. This can be an effective way of getting a Pisces man’s attention (whether you’re already in a relationship or are trying to make your crush realize how much he needs you).

By following the information in Pisces Man Secrets, you can get that Pisces man’s eyes fixed squarely on you—just be sure to let him know it’s all fun and games so that he doesn’t get hurt!

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