How to Tell If a Scorpio Woman Likes You


Fiercely determined, extremely passionate, and attractively in-control, a Scorpio woman isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. Still, if you’ve never dated a woman of this zodiac sign before, you may find it hard to tell if a Scorpio woman has feelings for you.

In this guide, I’ll go over some important personality traits that characterize these women and let you know some important signs that a Scorpio woman is interested in you. Keep reading to find out if her feelings are platonic or something more!

Scorpio Woman Personality Traits

It’s easier to tell if a Scorpio woman is in love with you if you understand her personality. Without understanding this important information, you could misinterpret some of her routine behavior as romantic signals and make the wrong move.

For this reason, let’s take a look at some common Scorpio woman personality traits:

  • Confident

Scorpio women exude a natural confidence that help them stand out from the pack. These women are sure in their decision-making and in their wants, and they know how to put themselves together to tackle any social situation. They are serious and honest and aren’t afraid to do what it takes to realize their goals.

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  • Ambitious

Speaking of goals, Scorpio women are naturally ambitious. A woman of this zodiac sign likes to be daring and intense and comes at everything in her life in a truly passionate manner. In other words, a Scorpio has big dreams and does what it takes to fulfill them.

What Scorpio Women Want in a Partner

Given all of this, let’s turn our attention to some of the things that a Scorpio woman likes in her partner. As you can imagine, these women are interested in people who can match their intensity and competence.

Specifically, a Scorpio woman likes a partner who is:

  • Intelligent 

For all her charms, a Scorpio woman isn’t known for patience. Because she sees herself in high esteem (and usually for good reason), she’s also looking for the best in men. This means finding a man who is intelligent and competent in one or more domain. A Scorpio woman likes men who can charm her with their wit and their intellectual successes. 

  • Adventurous

A man needs to be more than just intelligent to really get a Scorpio woman’s attention, however. Women of this zodiac sign are extremely attracted to dominant, alpha men who are adventurous and outgoing. Scorpio women, then, are looking for men who are natural leaders (much like they are) and who aren’t shy or introverted. 

  • Courteous

A Scorpio woman likes gentlemanly men, as well. Though it may seem old-fashioned to some, these women love it when men treat them like queens, holding doors open for them and generally displaying courtesy to them. For Scorpio women, this is a sign of respect and maturity and is thus a huge turn on when it comes to finding a romantic partner. 

Signs a Scorpio Woman Likes You

Does any of the above sound like you? This is a strong indication that a Scorpio woman likes you. Still, you’ll want to do some more research to be sure that her romantic feelings for you are real and not just in your mind.

Pay attention to the following ten signs to see if that Scorpio woman in your life is falling in love with you:

1. She Goes on Dates with You

One of the best things about Scorpio women is their willingness to be upfront. Sometimes, when a Scorpio female is interested in you, she’ll simply go on a date with you. Even if she doesn’t initiate the date herself (which is a sure-fire sign that she’s developed feelings for you), a Scorpio woman who agrees to go on a date with you definitely sees you as more than just a friend. Here’s the plain truth: if a Scorpio woman isn’t interested in you, she won’t take the steps to get to know you. This includes going on a date. 

These confident women aren’t afraid to turn down prospective suitors. This means that she likely has feelings for you if she agrees to go out with you (especially given that she often doesn’t like going out very much).

2. She Will Size You Up

A Scorpio lady may also go out with you to test whether you are a good long-term partner for her. When these women fall in love, they tend to look for people they can be with for life. This means that a lot of sizing up has to be done beforehand to make sure they are choosing the right guy.

This is why it’s important to act nicely and with proper etiquette if you suspect that a Scorpio woman likes you. She will closely scrutinize the things you say to other people and the manner in which you conduct yourself in public. Do you talk down to people when they make mistakes, or do you build them up? Do you leave fancy restaurants without tipping? Are you conscious of your environment and keep it clean and in order?

You can bet that a Scorpio woman will take in all of this information and use it to help her make her judgement on you. Still, this type of scrutinization is a good sign in the sense that it’s a strong indication that she has feelings for you.

3. She’ll Try and Gauge Your Feelings about Her

A Scorpio woman will also try and gauge your feelings for her. Whenever she tells you something about herself, she will watch to see your reaction. Depending on how you react, she’ll either tell you more or pull back. This is a sure indication that she truly cares about what you have to say.

She’ll also see how you act around her to see if you may have feelings for her, too. She’ll certainly notice if you agree to help her with work, stay late to help her get things organized, or check up on her when she’s not feeling so well. 

4. She’ll Get Close to You (Mentally and Physically)

When a Scorpio lady likes you, she will also attempt to get closer to you in multiple domains. This means closer physically—these women know how to use their bodies to attract men—and mentally, as she begins to ask personal questions in an attempt to know more about you. When the two of you go out together, she may sit closer to you, and she may become touchier, fixing your collar and doing other things that help her get close to you physically.

If you notice a Scorpio woman behaving this way, particularly if she starts enquiring about your personal life and even following up on stories and details you told her some time before, you can bet that she’s acquired feelings for you that aren’t completely platonic.

5. She Becomes Relaxed

A Scorpio woman in love will also become relaxed. This won’t just be in terms of the things she tells you—as she will certainly become increasingly personal in her conversations with you—but also in the way she acts and dresses. She will be more willing to do spontaneous and “fun” things with you, and she’ll also dress in a more casual way.

In some cases, these women will also begin to dress in a sexier style. If your own Scorpio crush has traded in her work attire for v-cut dresses and tight jeans, you can bet she sees you as a potential partner. 

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6. She’s Upfront about Her Feelings

A Scorpio woman may simply be upfront about her feelings, as well. Though they often become sensitive and more introverted when they are in love, they are still at their core outgoing and confident women. If she’s sure she can make you her partner, she may confess to you.

Of course, she will do so in a special way. She’ll wait until the two of you are out somewhere nice (already a sign that she likes you) or plan a special date in a location that’s important to her, to you, or to both of you.

7. She Gets Sensitive

Though Scorpio ladies are known for their confident and outgoing personalities, they can become quite introverted and sensitive around the men they like. This is a sign that she truly cares about what these men think, largely because she wants to see a future with them. Still, this sensitivity and desire may lead her to reveal some of her hidden passions (a definite indication that she sees you romantically).

In some cases, these women may even make sexual passes, though these passes certainly won’t be no-strings-attached. Rather, Scorpio ladies who act this way can see a long-term future with the men they are talking to and are hoping that these men will reciprocate those feelings. The good thing is this: if a Scorpio female acts this way around you, she definitely likes you (and perhaps has already fallen in love with you).

8. She Grows Mysterious

Has your Scorpio crush been all over you, only to pull back and be mysterious at times? This is an indication that she likes you. Namely, it’s a sign that she’s trying to size you up and see how you would fit into her life as a long-term partner. Scorpio women are quite intuitive and will always be thinking about the people they like and their romantic motivations. 

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Growing mysterious is also a mechanism that Scorpio females use to charm men. Combined with their natural femininity, this mysticism can help them become even more attractive, especially given their usually guarded demeanor. A Scorpio woman knows how to use these qualities to make the men around her (and more specifically the man she wants to be with) more curious about her and more susceptible to her advances. 

9. She Gets Passionate

Passion is simply a part of a Scorpio woman’s DNA. Still, when a Scorpio girl falls in love, she will become extremely passionate about the man she wants to be her partner. If she really likes someone, she will break her professional façade and put her guard down to an extent to reveal her fierce sense of adventure and eagerness to be together. 

This behavior and her strong feelings are sure-fire signs that a Scorpio woman wants to be with you. They also convey a sense of trust between you and her. Specifically, they show that she trusts you and wants to be around you and also give you the reassurance that you can trust her—as she doesn’t act this way around just anyone. 

If you notice that the Scorpio woman in your social circle has begun to treat you more spontaneously and outgoing than she does the other people in your group, then, it could be a sign of her passion for you and desire to be around you more. 

10. She Opens Up to You

A Scorpio woman doesn’t open up to just anyone. That’s why you should take it seriously when a woman of this zodiac sign begins to tell you her secrets. If a Scorpio lady likes you, she’ll begin to tell you things she doesn’t let anyone else know. This includes discussion of her past, which she will usually keep guarded, especially in the face of her confident and professional façade. 

While this isn’t necessarily a sign that she is ready to fall in love with you—she could simply be warming up to you as a friend—it is a sign that she’s growing closer to you. What’s more, it’s a strong indication that she sees you as potentially more than a friend if it’s coupled with any of the behaviors above. 

The Bottom Line

Not sure if that special Scorpio woman in your life likes you or is simply being friendly? Use this guide to find out! Above, I went over some of the most common Scorpio woman personality traits, what these women are looking for in a relationship, and ten of the biggest signs that a Scorpio woman likes you romantically.

Perhaps you’ve got a better idea of whether she likes you now. If so, it may be time to make your move!

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