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How to know when a Virgo man is done with you

All about Virgo

Virgo is the zodiac sign of detail-orientation and practicality. It is the fact-checker.

Virgo loves making sure everything is in its proper place and organized.

It all has to be perfect.

Virgo men are excellent observers, intelligent and factual. They see what others miss including people’s unconscious body language. It is difficult to dispute a Virgo in a debate.

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The Virgo nature improves the world.

Virgo deals with perfection and accuracy. They love to make sure their work and actions are error-free. Tidiness, cleanliness and order is the environment where they thrive. They work very hard to keep chaos out of their lives and are masters at conquering a daily schedule and routines.

Virgos represent the health of the physical body.

You may find that a Virgo is into:
● Exercising and fitness
● Dieting/Healthy eating
● Detoxing
● Hygiene

They like to be of-service

Similar to Capricorn men, Virgos like to provide help and be of service in some way. They are a service-oriented sign and love to offer help with your everyday endeavors.

Some Virgo men like to be leaned on for emotional or practical support and if you no longer need them for this support, he maybe no longer interested because he feels he doesn’t have a purpose in your life anymore.

They speak with their actions

Also, similar to a Capricorn, the Virgo man may have a tough exterior, but be inwardly sensitive.

If a Virgo man is upset you can feel the tension through his silence.

He will express this by physically putting space between you two or being nonchalant during conversations. If you want to keep the relationship, he will listen to a sincere apology that is peaceful and non-hostile. He has emotional control and is also a good logical communicator.

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You can make him sick- Literally

The zodiac sign Virgo is associated with health. When a Virgo is in a situation or relationship that is no longer appealing, beneficial or serving him this can manifest into physical illness.

He may give excuses of allergy flare-ups, stomach issues or other illnesses to get out of dates or being around you.

He could actually lose energy and become tired by being around you.

He is the boss of his life

Earth signs share in common the need for autonomy or a sense of authority. A Virgo values its schedules and routines similar to a Taurus. Interfering with that or undermining his plans often enough will make a Virgo male be no longer interested in you very quickly.

When the Virgo man mentions that you’re controlling or bossy, they are losing interest as well. I suggest that you don’t get defensive but acknowledge that you understand their feelings.

A Virgo man wants to be respected and is capable of communicating respectfully so genuinely let him know that you want to fix the situation if you want to save the relationship.

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Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. It is a planet that represents:
● Intelligence
● Logical thinking
● Analytics
● Communication
● Criticizing.

He just wants to make you a better person

If you find that your Virgo man is arguing with you and nit-picking at your behaviors, appearance and opinions he is unhappy.

He sees where things are going wrong and can see faults clearly, but he is truly trying to help the situation.

A Virgo male is very smart.

He wants you to fix them because they will actually be better for you.

A Virgo man can be very critical of the behavior of others, but he is equally critical of himself. If you make him feel guilty about the way he does things or when he does express his emotions, he will not feel emotionally safe with you and will make an exit plan out of the relationship.

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Are you boring?

A Virgo man may be done with you if he is distracting himself around you by doing random chores or being on his phone constantly instead of being in the moment with you.

This man is a reserved sign like the other Earth signs and they need excitement and playfulness around them. When someone or something outside of them is adding to the rigidness of their life, he will try to distance himself because he is already strict with himself.

If you initially brought enthusiasm to his life and he decides to pay more attention to checking off his to-do list than spending time with you, he may think you are boring and could be considering ending the relationship.

It’s written all over his face

The Earth element is not emotionally verbally expressive. The Virgo male is also not confrontational and if you find that your Virgo man is showing signs of passive-aggressiveness such as intentionally not wanting to be next to you or telling you they will follow up with you and don’t, he is upset.

He may even resort to making facial expressions and rolling his eyes at things you say and do.

If this avoidance goes on long enough, the Virgo will eventually disappear out of your life. Virgos are Earth signs and operate in reality and action-oriented behaviors. Stopping all contact is a sign that a Virgo man is over you.

Ask him what you can do to make things better.

Your Virgo man will know exactly what to say and it’ll be an easy way to know why the situation went cold. You may not agree or want to do the things they request, but asking shows him that you are listening to him and that you are serious about changing things.

Unlike the other Earth signs, Virgos can actually talk out their issues if you decide to address what they are feeling. They can be understanding and thoughtful without making a scene or without getting dramatic emotions involved.

Key Signs

● He can’t provide for you or help you in any way
● He puts physical space between you two
● He’s tired or gets ill in your presence
● You have shaken up his routine too much/ He doesn’t follow up with you
● He is criticizing and nagging you
● He can no longer fit you into his schedule
● He is more focused on checking off his to-do list over spending time with you
● He is passive-aggressive

Do you want to know if your Virgo man is done with being in a relationship? Check out Virgo Man Secrets. Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach explains this further.

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