13 Signs a Taurus Man is in love with you

Signs a Taurus man is in Love with you (13 signs)

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus represents indulgence, love, beauty, peace, balance and harmony. It also represents:

● Appreciation
● Your relationship needs and desires
● Value
● Attraction
● How you relate to others
● Physical pleasures
● Seduction

Venus is also the planet of physical manifestation and a Taurus is great at manifesting its desires. A Taurus sun sign or a person with a lot of Taurus placements in their birth chart love to be surrounded by beauty. They love to touch things and be in nature. They value equal exchange and balance.

Taurus is a fixed Earth zodiac sign. It is attached to its way of thinking and how things make sense to them. Taurus embodies the traits of the Earth element:

● Growth and development
● Stability and foundation
● Time
● The five senses and the intuitive sixth sense

Each sign also rules a body part and Taurus rules over the throat and neck.

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Many Tauruses have beautiful singing or speaking voices. We speak through the neck and throat, so Taurus likes to use communication effectively.

They express themselves through practical action, but they receive and understand through talking and explanation.

A Taurus is known to be patient in all that they do. They don’t skip steps.

Their thought process is long, careful and tested. Once they have made a decision or come to a conclusion about a person or a situation they can’t be moved and this is where their stubbornness trait comes from.

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The Taurus is generally a calm sign. They aren’t comfortable with over-excitement and restlessness. They appreciate passion, but only if that passion is exerted towards something that is practical.

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why do taurus men go cold?

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How Do You Know When a Taurus Man Loves You?

He’ll dress smart

They are the masters of the senses.

A Taurus man enjoys getting dressed up and getting ready for the day. He prefers to look put together and physically attractive. He strongly values when someone, including himself, puts effort into their look.
He spends his money on quality clothes, shoes and grooming supplies because when he looks good, he feels a higher sense of worth.

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He will have a fresh haircut, tan, and possibly manicured fingernails and toes. The physical senses are heightened for this sign. Signs ruled by Venus have a natural charm and likeability to them.

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He’s very comfortable with you

Being ruled by Venus and the second house, a relationship feels like stability to a Taurus. The second house also represents self-esteem and possessions can make him feel worthy.

The Taurus man likes to be comfortable in all areas of life.

He likes comfort in his relationships, career, home, and routines. Upheaval in these areas makes him uncomfortable and any forced change causes a lot of resistance, stubbornness and fighting to keep what they’ve worked for and what’s theirs.

Because they like what is familiar to them, meeting new people is difficult and losing friends and relationships is hard.

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Quick progress can be difficult for a Taurus because they find it hard to let things go.

Relationships or jobs that end all of a sudden can be a big change because they’ve become used to the routine of it and they usually weren’t ready for it.

Because Taurus is so content in their comforts, they can miss out on opportunities because they don’t care to look for or pay attention to something better which can be stifling to their growth.

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How does a Taurus man act when in love? When a Taurus man says he loves you…

He’ll buy you flowers and gifts

The polarity sign of Taurus is Scorpio, but they share similar characteristics. They are aware of what’s going on in the world and can anticipate others’ reactions. Although a Taurus guy expresses himself through the physical realm with tangible gifts and material items, like Scorpio, they are very intuitive.
He can quickly detect lies, his own emotions and the emotions of others. But unlike Scorpio, who becomes consumed in emotional situations, Taurus has more emotional control when it comes to emotional situations through their practical ideas.

He will show you his love through earthly pleasures that are expensive or of high value. His gifts will be gestures that you appreciate and value as well.

how to attract a taurus man

He wants you all to himself

The Taurus man will invite you to go everywhere he wants to go.

The Taurus zodiac sign mantra is “I have” so they can be possessive over their things including their partners. They can treat their partners as if they own them instead of creating a deep emotional bond with them.

A Taurus man doesn’t like to end a relationship.

They are a very committed sign once they have ‘chosen’ you. If a Taurus man is not ready to end the relationship, he may even work hard to keep you and even be stubborn about letting you go.

But a Taurus won’t indulge in petty and emotionally draining arguments. They will compromise when they love you and a Taurus man works hard to keep the relationship harmonious.

When a Taurus man loves, he can become a protective “Papa Bear” and have opinions about who you hang out with or not want certain people around you. He wants you all to himself.

He is touchy/feely

● A Taurus man is sensual
● He needs to show you his love
● He is affectionate
● He likes soft, scented skin

When he is in love, he is kissing, hugging, cuddling and tickling you. He wants you around all the time. This is one of the ways in how he relates to you.

He will spoil you

A man who is a Taurus sun or has Venus in Taurus is seen as the ideal husband. Venus represents what you appreciate and when a Taurus man is in love with you, he is a devoted partner.

He takes good care of his partner and appreciates you like a luxury item making sure your needs are maintained and even showing you off.

He will gift you with the finer things and keep you surrounded in elegant environments. The ability to attract nice things is one of his talents, so he can attract wealth easier than other signs, but when he is in love, he really wants to share it.

He will do things that make you feel special because he is generous and will quickly learn about the material things you enjoy like your favorite foods, clothing style, brands, scents, and places.

He will manifest your needs and pleasures. He likes high-end earthly pleasures. He has luxury taste and appreciates quality items. He will notice you if you can match his taste as well.

How do you know if a Taurus man is falling for you

The Taurus man can have lots of options when it comes to dating because of what he brings to the table, but a relationship makes him feel secure.
When he does choose a partner, he is devoted and expects his partner to be just as committed.

When he loves you, he will work to keep the relationship strong before ending it or finding someone else.

As mentioned before, one of the big signs that a Taurus man is falling for you is that he will want to spend all his time with you. If a Taurus man is in love with you, he will want you at his house all the time.

He is a homebody and his home is his comfort zone, so if he wants you there, it’s a good sign he wants you around for a long time.

He can almost become clingy. He will always be available for you, calling, texting and posting on your social media often.

The Taurus man lives on a routine and daily schedule, so making time for you means that you are getting close to his heart.

Venus represents abundance.

Although abundance doesn’t necessarily only relate to money, your Taurus man can shower you with an abundance of love and making you feel comfortable around them.

Learn how to read and understand your Taurus man’s actions or lack of, as well as what turns him on in Taurus Man Secrets.

He will give you something that means a lot to him

Taurus’ likes to hold on to things that contain memories attached to good feelings. If a Taurus man gives you a sentimental item that he’s held onto for years, like a family heirloom or something he collected from the time you’ve spent together, it is a sure sign that he loves you.

Don’t be unappreciative or you will hurt his feelings. Consistently not appreciating the things a Taurus does for you will make him pull away.

He wants to make sure you are happy

The Taurus man is uncomfortable being apart from his partner. He wants you around all the time so that he can see and know what’s on your mind.

Venus represents our needs in a relationship and Taurus understands this well.

They know what they need and it isn’t difficult for them to figure out what you need. He will strive to meet your needs because he knows that’s what makes you comfortable.

The intuitive nature of Taurus can sense disharmony and he pays attention to it right away in your actions.
He can read your facial expressions, body language and discern your overall contentment.

He is the master at giving you a meaningful gift to uplift your mood. He is genuine in how he provides for you.

He will make you feel secure

As an Earth sign, the Taurus man values stability, structure and common sense.

He won’t woo you by constantly telling you how much he loves you. He cares about what you are doing together that’s building something over time.

He will show consistency in a practical way such as paying the bills and coming home to be with the family every night. He sees his actions as a form of bonding and building upon what you two are creating together.

Taurus rules physical and emotional security. One of the signs that a Taurus man is in love with you is that he will provide for you financially, emotionally and he will be a committed partner.

He doesn’t like too much change so he will always be that stable person who you can talk to and provide a comfortable livelihood for you.

He will show and prove

Financial support and steady emotions will come from a Taurus man who loves you. He is logical and clear-headed making him a good shoulder to lean on. There is a nurturing aspect to him.

Some Taurus men will cook and do household chores because he sees this as an investment in the relationship. He will provide practical things that are helpful in your day to day life.

I’ve mentioned his heightened senses and he wants to indulge in them all with you.

● He will take you out for food- Breakfast, lunch or dinner
● He will take you to all the outdoor concerts and festivals
● He will wear the cologne you bought him and offer to give you massages
● He will spend the money he has or doesn’t have on you to get you something valuable and thoughtful.

Because of his Earth nature, time is important.

He’s tracking the number of dates, trips, shared expenses and quality time spent together. How often have you been able to count on him? Because he has worked hard to be that dependable person for you.

His compliments to you are centered around your looks and work ethic

When a Taurus guy loves you, he admires the way you provide for yourself and will brag to others about you in this way.
He’ll enjoy discussing your drive and ambitions and what you’ve built for yourself out of it.

He will constantly talk about how beautiful you are and other physically beautiful qualities you have.

When it comes to dating, Taurus men have a lot on their minds. Luckily for you there is the in-depth guide “Taurus Man Secrets.”

He wants to help you

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) signs love giving advice.

The Taurus guy gives advice that is practical, common sense and realistic.

He loves it when you come to him with the need to solve a problem. He will be to willing offer solutions in a way that isn’t annoying or pushy.

He will fully open up

Earth signs are not the most comfortable showing emotion. They are known to be serious and hard to get through at first.

When a Taurus man is falling in love he becomes extremely talkative.

He will feel comfortable expressing all emotions with you. You will experience his excitement, craziness, sadness and other sides that are hidden to everyone. He will completely let his emotional guard down.

Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach goes into extreme detail, outlining exactly what you need to do when seducing a Taurus man. It’s a step by step, easy to follow guide that will give you an unfair advantage over other women he may be talking to. 

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