How To Make A Gemini Man Jealous

How to Make a Gemini Man Jealous [5 Ways]

Many women say it is impossible to make a Gemini man jealous. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This man feels a lot but it will take him a while before he can show that side to you. 

So, if you are having trouble getting your Gemini man to feel and show his emotions, you are in the right place. Here are the many ways you can make a Gemini man jealous. 

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Are Gemini Men Obsessive And Jealous? 

Before we move on to the many ways you can make a Gemini man jealous, you first need to understand his personality. Gemini men are hard to understand. Sometimes they can be ice cold and sometimes they will feel a rush of emotions like nothing else. 

That is because of the duality of the nature of Gemini men. There is no black and white answer to this question. Yes, a Gemini man may get jealous but he may not show it to you. Some will be jealous and will show it to you. 

So, can you make a Gemini man jealous to the point where he would react? Yes, you can. It is all about understanding their personality, and knowing what to do. Don’t worry. We will help you with this. 

How To Know When A Gemini Man Is Jealous 

First, you need to know how a Gemini man will show his jealousy. If you are in a relationship with him then these are the few signs which will let you know he gets jealous:

1.He Will Get Angry 

Anger is the first emotion the Gemini male feels when he is jealous. That is because they are not good at dealing with negative emotions so they always manifest in a bad way. If you make them feel bad about something, chances are they will disconnect. 

If they can’t make this disconnection, then they will lash out and become angry at you. A jealous Gemini guy is not a pretty sight to see, especially if you are in a relationship with him. He will not physically harm you, but he might be rude to you and lash out with his words.

2. He May Try To Act The Same 

If a Gemini guy feels like someone else has your attention, especially another man, then he will reciprocate this energy. Gemini men hate feeling like this and so it is a possibility that he might divert his attention somewhere else. That is why it is important to strike a balance when in a relationship with this sign. 

If you go too far with your jealousy tactics, then he will also start making you jealous. You don’t want to be on this side because that will mean that the Gemini man you are in love with doesn’t care for you anymore. So, think twice before making this man jealous.

3. He Will Cut You Off

If you go too far with the jealousy tactics, then the Gemini man will feel like you have crossed a line. Once he feels like this, he will waste no time and cut you off from his life entirely. When a Gemini feels troubling emotions, he most likely turns his back on people. 

So, when a Gemini man is jealous to the extreme, he might do this to you. He will not warn you or give you any explanation. Instead, he will just cut himself from your life, and you will not be able to get his attention again. If you love a Gemini man, you should think twice before going down the route of making him jealous. 

How To Make A Gemini Man Jealous 

Even after knowing all this, if you decide to make a Gemini man jealous, then you should not explicitly use another man for this. There are subtle ways to entice his jealousy without going too far. Here are a few ways to make him jealous a reasonable amount:

1. Flirt With Someone Else Around Him 

When a Gemini man sees you flirting with someone else around him, he will instantly get upset. Because of this, he will start acting jealous right away. This is one of the best solutions because it allows you to do some friendly flirting and make him jealous without going too far. 

However, you should remember that it is hard to get this man jealous. That is why you need to choose someone to flirt with that your man is intimidated by. The trick is to make him jealous by flirting with someone that triggers him. 

Once you do this, he will instantly get jealous and crave your attention. Just remember to keep it light and friendly, and don’t do it in excess. Crossing the line is not something you want to do.

2. Don’t Give Him Too Much Attention 

When trying to entice jealousy in a Gemini man, you must let him know that your attention is elsewhere. Even when you are with him, use your phone and text other people so he knows he is not getting your undivided attention. If you work with him then pass him by and act like you didn’t notice him. 

The aim is to let him know that he is not taking up all your time and attention. If you are in a relationship with him and start doing this, then he will instantly get jealous. After that, he will try even harder to get your attention. 

That is because the Gemini man will get curious as to who has your attention. Once you ignite this curiosity in him, he will try to be more interesting so you can give him attention.

3. Make Less Time For Him 

When trying to make the Gemini man jealous, don’t be available for him at all times. You need him to know that you have your own life apart from him, and you don’t need him all the time. This doesn’t mean that you should make no time for him. 

Instead, you should make less time for him so he feels that he needs to work harder to grab your attention. After all, he will want to know whose company you are choosing over his. Do fun things with other people and post them on social media. 

Once he sees these posts, he will want to be part of the fun too. Having fun with other people a lot of the time will make him a little bit jealous. This is the perfect way to make him jealous without going overboard or crossing lines.

4. Express Gloom When He Is Around 

If you love your Gemini man and you are trying to make him jealous because he did something wrong then this is a perfect way. Whenever he is around, you should not be too positive or cheerful. Instead, keep your face down and act gloomy. 

The trick here is to be happy in the company of other people and be gloomy with him. Once you do this consistently, he will know something is wrong and he will want to know what happened. If he did something wrong then this is a good opportunity to bring it up. 

It will fulfil the aim of making him jealous while you can address your grievance and talk about something if it is bothering you. He will listen to you and you can go back to being in love instead of making each other jealous.

5. Let Him Know You Are Finding Comfort Somewhere Else 

Doing this doesn’t mean that you should be finding comfort with another man. Instead, even if you are finding comfort in a girlfriend, it will be enough to make him jealous. After all, a Gemini man that cares about you will take offense when he feels you can’t share things with him. 

The trick is to subtly let him know you are finding solace in other people and friends. It will make him realize that he needs to show you he cares and he will get jealous when you make this known to him. Be careful, and don’t find solace with another man too much. 

Finding constant solace in another man may make your Gemini man too jealous. If he feels that you have crossed the line, then he will cut you off without any explanation. You don’t want this to happen so it is essential to keep things in moderation. 

Final Verdict: Can You Really Make A Gemini Man Jealous? 

Yes, you can. All you have to do is follow these guidelines and you will see the hint of jealousy on your Gemini man’s face. It is important to understand that you should keep things in a balance and don’t cross any lines while doing this. If a Gemini man feels that you don’t care or love him, he will detach emotionally and leave you. 

So, if you do all these things consistently, your Gemini man will get jealous and you will achieve what you wanted to fulfill through this. Once you do, he will make sure he gets all your attention. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to make your Gemini man jealous then I’d highly recommend giving Gemini man secrets by Anna Kovach a read. Check it out here

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