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How to Tell If a Cancer Man Likes You (6 best ways to tell)

Want to find out if that sexy Cancer man likes you? Already with a Cancer guy but can’t tell if he’s serious? I’ll show you how. It’s actually surprisingly easy to do—as long as you know what to look for. In this guide, I’m going to tell you the signs that a Cancer man is into you.

Let’s take a look!

But first, Anna Kovach, the author of “Cancer Man’s Secret.” Learn how to romance your Cancer man with these tips and secrets!

How to Tell If a Cancer Man Likes You

1. He Opens Up to You

Cancer men are hopeless romantics, but they also tend to overthink, which can make them shy. That’s because Cancers have the unique mix of being a water and cardinal sign. This all means that Cancer guys are generally reserved, shy men (at first) who don’t open up easily or engage in huge displays of their love as they will want to know more about you before they do this.

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That’s why you should take it as a good sign if a Cancer man opens up to you. If your Cancer crush is telling you his feelings, hopes, or dreams, it’s a sign of trust—and affection. From this point, being sensitive of his feelings will be a key part to maintaining his trust and his openness to you.

2. He Displays His Affection Publicly

On a similar vein, you shouldn’t take it lightly if a Cancer man displays his affection to you publicly. It’s rare that a Cancer man will want to hold hands—let alone kiss—in public, so if your guy does any of these things, take it as a good sign and falls in love with you. Though men of this Zodiac sign are quite the sensual lovers in the bedroom, they find it difficult to express themselves publicly due to their reserved natures.

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Once a Cancer man catches feelings for you, however, you can count on him showing it to everyone. His passion will override any insecurities, and he will not be bashful about who he lets know about the two of you. If he touches or kisses you in front of your friends and family (or his friends and family), want will want to share everything about you with them, you can be sure that these signs a cancer man is head over heels for you.

3. He Fulfills His Promises

I know what you are thinking—isn’t this true for every man? To an extent, yes. But, as passionate and romantic as they may be, Cancer men aren’t exactly known for following through with their plans. In fact, their tendency to ignore or forget their previously made decisions can sometimes be irritating.

Here’s the good news: if a Cancer man likes you, he will fulfill the promises he makes. Expect him to be on time to every date and appointment and to follow through on the commitments he makes to you. If your Cancer crush is going out of his way to make sure he fulfills his obligations toward you, you can be sure that this is one of the signs a cancer man is into you.

4. He Invites You Over

Cancer as a Zodiac sign is strongly linked to the concepts of family and home. As such, you should take it as a good sign if your Cancer crush invites you over to his place. Cancers spend a lot of time in their homes, making them cozy—and highly personal. Indeed, one of the best ways telltale signs of knowing how to tell if a Cancerian man likes you is if he invites you to his home.

Here’s why: as his personal hideout, a Cancer’s home can only be accessed by those he trusts the most. Therefore, I suggest taking the relationship seriously if your crush invites you over to his place (and particularly if he invites you over one-on-one).

5. He Cooks for You

Let me get one thing straight from the beginning: not all Cancer men like to cook. Still, for some, this action can be a way of showing affection and creating a bond with the people they love. For this reason, you should be thrilled if your Cancer crush decides to cook for you—especially if he does it in his place. This highly personal act lets a Cancerian man open himself up to you (even in the face of potential criticism), showing a sign of deep trust.

You can count on one thing: whatever he cooks for you, he will do so carefully. When showing their affection, Cancer men can be quite meticulous, so don’t be surprised if he goes above and beyond. No matter the specifics, you can rest assured that no Cancerian man would cook for you if he didn’t have some serious feelings he wanted to express.

Anna Kovachs Cancer Man Secrets is one of my go-to books for everything to do with the Cancer zodiac.

6. He Lets His Passion Run Wild

Remember what I said about Cancer men being hopeless romantics? You will know right away how your Cancer crush feels about you if he decides to become serious. These men are incredibly partners who love getting sexy and making their women feel like queens. Expect him to surprise you with romantic treats and will show body language that he wants to give you a magical time in the bedroom.

A Cancerian man can be one of the most intense lovers you’ve ever experienced—sometimes even overwhelmingly so—but these reserved men won’t come onto you unless they feel something real. For this reason, I want you to know that one of the most concrete ways of telling whether or not a Cancerian man likes you is how passionate he is around you (and particularly in the bedroom).

If you want more ways to learn how an Cancer man is smitten with you, I recommend the book Cancer Man Secrets by Anna Kovach.

The Bottom Line

Take it from me: Cancer men are some of the best lovers. The first water Zodiac and a cardinal sign to boot, these men are romantic, passionate, sensitive, and shy. It may take them a while to express how they feel about you, but if they are serious, they will let you know their true feelings in no uncertain terms.

Have a Cancer man you think is crushing on you? Use this guide to know for sure! In general, you can know if a Cancerian man is crushing on you by how public and how intense he is willing to let things go with you—so keep this information in mind to further your relationship with your own Cancer sweetheart!

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