Will a Taurus Man Text You First

Will a Taurus man text you first? The million dollar question.

Taurus people are faithful and committed partners who always make sure their sweethearts are as happy as possible.

But one thing is when you have a committed relationship with them, and another is during the first few dates.

The Taurus man is perfectly capable of texting you first, but they will prefer to wait and see how you behave if they don’t.

The Taurus man prefers to make sure that you really like him, which is why texting him first would be a good move.

Read on and discover the texting habits of this zodiac sign when dating.

Will a Taurus guy text you first?

Taurus men are not against texting you first, especially when they really like someone.

However, let’s not forget that Each sign of the zodiac couples with one of the four natural elements.

Taurus is an earth sign, which is why these natives are not very good at holding conversations over text messages.

He is a physically affectionate person and prefers to show his interest in person rather than over the phone.

Still, the Taurus man is determined and will go for what he wants sooner or later.

So we know he is able to text you first, but it is not going to be his first option. Whether he writes to you first or not depends on what he is looking for from you.

Here’s what will push the Taurus guy to text you first—or make you wait.

Taurus will text you first if you have made a good connection.

Like all earth signs, Taurus is a cautious person and will not text first unless he feels a deep connection between the two.

As we mentioned before, Taurus men have a slow and not very eloquent texting style. It takes a lot of energy and effort for them to actually pick up the phone and send you a text.

If there were no potential for a serious relationship in the future, Taurus would not bother to write.

Taurus loves romance since Venus rules it, the planet of love and beauty, so he makes a big deal when meeting a person who rocks his world.

He will lose interest quickly if his date doesn’t seem to want more than just a booty call.

However, he might want you to prove you like him first.

Not hearing from your Taurus man after a nice date doesn’t mean he is not interested in you.

They have a lot of patience, especially in their love relationships, and are known for making their romantic suitors wait to hear from them.

Taurus men play it cool and usually choose to wait until you play the next move. He is paying attention to all your actions to realize how badly you want him.

So, the attraction is mutual if you had a great talk and did a little flirting with a Taurus guy the other night.

He is an overtly sexual person and will let you know when he is into you. However, he still wants to see if you are serious before investing energy in this affair.

This is why you should put your anxiety and pride aside for a moment and text him first.

He plays defense.

Most Taurus prefer to respond to a text rather than initiate a conversation. However, a Taurus man likes to have control, and you can notice this trait when he wants you to show your intentions first.

Once you do, he will sit back and take his time deciding his next move.
They are not impatient and won’t make any impulsive decisions. Taurus hasn’t lost interest in you, though. It’s just that they go by the motto “slow and steady win the race.”

So don’t get offended if you have to keep sending him good morning texts to initiate contact. Other men are more direct, but your Taurus prefers to be cautious.

Taurus may be considering if he can date you.

A Taurus man will stop texting you if he feels slightly unsure about dating you.
If he doesn’t know how you feel, he will back off and turn this affair into just a friendship. So make sure that when you text a Taurus man, don’t say anything that makes him back off.

Keep a Taurus man interested by ensuring your relationship compatibility is as strong as you can get. However, don’t make any impulsive move or smother him with text messages.

Pressuring a Taurus is the worst move you can make. Let him mull things over and reach out to you when he is ready.

Should you text a Taurus man first?

A Taurus man will always be relieved if you make the first text move. If you have a Taurus friend, ask him about this, and confirm it.

This zodiac sign wants to chase you but won’t be too obvious about it. Instead of throwing himself at you, he’ll take the lead in a firm but more subtle way.

Texting first just proves to the Bull that you are clearly interested, which will give him the green light to pursue you.

So if you want to text him first, there’s no need to wait. Go ahead and write him a message and let him guide the rest of your interactions.

How is Taurus’s texting style when he likes you?

The Taurus man is classy and will always be polite even through the phone. He will keep in touch regularly and send you compliments through his text messaging.

However, his text will remain short and to the point. He likes to flirt with his words but doesn’t expand on conversations.

Taurus guys are not big on texting, using this tool to get something like asking you on a date.

This man is not big on texting and prefers to use the phone for a specific purpose, like asking you out on a date.

In a single message, he will set the time and place you’ll meet and will not waste your time in trivial chit-chat.

So never expect quick back-and-forth texting with these zodiac signs, even if he’s really into you.

However, expect him to be committed and take consistent actions when making plans with you.

How do you know if a Taurus guy likes you through text?

Taurus people are not very expressive and much less so through technology.
However, they will answer your messages and keep in touch if they really like you.
They will get straight to the point in their text messages and ask you out after showing them that you are interested.

Will a Taurus man string you along?

Taurus is quite forthright with their intentions and has no desire to drag out a relationship if they are not interested. However, they will wait for you to be the one to make the first move while they take their time to respond.

Will a Taurus man wait for you?

Taurus is very patient and calm, but they look for partners who are sure of what they want. If they find that you are hesitating, they would rather break things off and keep the relationship as a friendship.

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