How Compatible Are Aries and Leo?


Two fiery, confident, and ambitious personalities, Aries and Leo are among the most compatible Zodiac signs. Individuals of both signs strive for personal development, independence, and a kind of passion that less driven zodiac signs may not possess.

Are you an Aries or Leo looking to date a member of the other zodiac sign? In this guide, I’ll tell you just how the two signs match up. Specifically, I’ll show how Aries and Leo individuals align from a variety of angles (personality wise, emotionally, and sexually).

Keep reading to find out if an Aries or Leo lover is right for you!

Aries and Leo: Personality Breakdown

The power of the sun meets the king of the jungle. There are perhaps no two zodiac signs that are as naturally outgoing, charming, and ambitious as Aries and Leo. Both Aries and Leo individuals possess strong senses of independence and pride and won’t interact with individuals who don’t value themselves highly or have the wherewithal to advance in life. 

For an Aries, especially, dating someone without these qualities is impossible, as there’s nothing for them to respect. Fortunately, Aries individuals have a lot to respect in outgoing Leos, who are generally the leaders wherever they go and are unafraid to stand their ground and state what they feel to be true.

In short, it’s hard to find a better match personality wise than Aries and Leo, two energetic and driven signs that produce natural-born leaders unafraid of what the world throws at them.

Aries and Leo: Emotional Breakdown

Unfortunately, a relationship requires more than just similar personalities. How well do Aries and Leo jive at the emotional level? Again, it’s hard to find a better match. The same energy that these two fire signs bring to their work lives they also bring to relationships. Though an Aries may be more reserved at first, choosing to focus more on the logical and practical matters of life, romantic Leos are the perfect sign to open up the more tender aspects of existence. 

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For an Aries, Leos are perfect because they share their direct nature. They’re unafraid to show their emotion, and they won’t engage in petty manipulation. Instead, they’ll fill the Aries with so much love and affection that normally distant Aries may begin to truly open up to the more romantic side of life.

The result is a relationship that is full of sparks, adventure, and joy. Aries and Leo couples tend to have some of the most exciting personal lives, and they always know how to make an anniversary or other special day even more special. 

Aries and Leo: Sexual Breakdown

Sex between an Aries and Leo can be downright explosive. Individuals of both signs are guided by their passions, which can totally take over in the bedroom. Though an Aries can become quickly bored in the bedroom with other partners, they’ll enjoy the diversity and performance that a Leo brings to their sex life. Because both signs are direct, Aries and Leo couples will be able to engage in all kinds of fun in an honest and totally complete way.

Expect sexual relationships between an Aries and a Leo to be overflowing with passion and energy. These relationships are unlike any other between other zodiac signs and also involve a heavily visual aspect, as well as some kinks.

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A Perfect Match

What does all this mean? Basically, it suggests that Aries and Leo individuals are a perfect match for one another. Indeed, the relationship between an Aries and Leo may even be characterized as “soulmates,” though that doesn’t mean that every relationship between an Aries and Leo will ultimately pan out. 

Still, however, there’s a greater chance that a relationship between an Aries and a Leo will be successful. There’s an astrological reason for this. Namely, the two signs are in harmonious positions on the zodiac wheel. This means that the greater energies that govern the personalities and minds of an Aries and Leo are more harmonious than they are between Aries and other signs and Leo and other signs. 

When an Aries and Leo Fight

Still, that doesn’t mean that there won’t ever be conflict between an Aries and Leo—everyone is only human, after all. When it comes to compatibility between the two zodiac signs, it’s important to look out for some potential problems.

Most issues between an Aries and Leo boil down to the following problems:

1. Two Much Dominance

There can only be one king of the jungle. Unfortunately, when a Leo and an Aries come together, there will undoubtedly be two. Two big personalities like this operating in the same space can ultimately lead to conflict at times. Both sides can be stubborn and want to get their way, causing splits in the relationship and a battle for dominance.

These fights can quickly get loud and out of control, as both of these fire signs are overflowing with passion. This is only made worse by the fact that neither a Leo nor an Aries really knows when to quit, which means some conflicts could rage on for days before one side capitulates and decides to call it quits.

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2. Ego and Honesty

As dominant as both sides may be, however, Aries clearly has an upper hand when it comes to ego. It’s no secret that Leos have quite the big head, but under this façade is a fragile ego that can be easily hurt. Unfortunately for the ever-blunt Aries, this means that sometimes saying entirely innocuous things can lead to fights with a Leo who feels his ego has been damaged. 

It may take a while for this problem to be resolved, as Leos will need to adjust to an Aries’s honesty, and an Aries will have to learn how to hold back in order not to offend their Leo partner.

The Bottom Line

Do you have an Aries or Leo person in your sights? You may be in luck! Aries and Leo individuals are among the most compatible anywhere on the zodiac, meaning your chances of relationship success are quite high if you are an Aries or Leo yourself. While things won’t always be pretty between the two of you, astrology suggests that your relationship has a good chance of success.

So don’t wait! It’s time to make your move using the information you’ve learned in this guide!

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