What Animal & Symbol is Capricorn and Its True Meaning

Capricorn is an Earth sign (along with Virgo and Taurus), and it covers late December and most of January.

This sign is widely known for its stubbornness. But what else do you know about Capricorns? What animal and symbol is Capricorn? What other traits do they have and why?

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The Most Common Capricorn Traits

As I have already mentioned, Capricorns tend to be quite stubborn. They are usually set in their ways and have a hard time opening up to new ideas or conflicting opinions.

As a result, this can make them difficult to deal with at times. However, they do have a long list of redeeming qualities that are enough for people to stick around in a Capricorn’s life. So aside from being stubborn, Capricorns are also:

  • Hardworking. A silver lining to their stubbornness is the Capricorns’ persistence. When they want something, they work hard to get it, and they rarely give up. This makes them efficient employees, and they often rise to higher positions at work. 
  • Ambitious. Of course, all that hard work isn’t for nothing. A Capricorn has clear ambitions and a plan to achieve them. Although their goals can seem unrealistic to an outsider, telling a Capricorn won’t do them any good. They will simply keep working even harder.
  • Groundedness. Capricorns might be ambitious, but they aren’t dreamers. They stand with both feet firmly on the ground and are completely aware of their capabilities. Trust me, a Capricorn wouldn’t chase any goals if they thought they were unachievable.
  • Pessimistic. Unfortunately, the ability to stay grounded at all times hinders any positive outlook on life. They aren’t necessarily nihilistic or desperate – they simply refuse to let themselves dream of something they don’t find too likely to happen.

The Capricorn Sign – The Sea-Goat Glyph

Now that I’ve refreshed your memory on what Capricorns are like, let’s take a closer look at the sign – also known as a glyph – that symbolizes Capricorns and their history and meaning. 

Capricorn is symbolized by a goat – but not just any goat. The Sea-Goat (also known as Goat-Fish) draws roots from Ancient Greek mythology. 

The legend says that Chronos (who was the god of time) created an animal – half-goat and half-fish – named Pricus, who later went on to found a whole nation of fish-goats. 

As they grew and developed, these fish-goats stayed longer on land and disregarded their aquatic nature, eventually simply becoming goats. Pricus tried everything (he even turned back time) to keep his children with him but eventually failed. Seeing this, Chronos decided to place Pricus among the stars so that he could watch over his children no matter where they were. This is how the constellation Capricorn came to be.

The Meaning of the Capricorn Sign

There is more to the sea-goat glyph than just an interesting piece of mythology. The contrasting nature of Earth and water also tells us a lot about what Capricorns are like.

As I have already mentioned, being an Earth sign makes Capricorns grounded, logic-driven, and intelligent. However, that’s not all there is to know about the Capricorn sign. They are also very much in tune with their aquatic nature. Water signs tend to be highly emotional, creative, and impulsive – and a Capricorn is no stranger to any of these behaviors. 

Capricorn Spirit Animals

There are a few other animals that convey the nature of a Capricorn well. Although the sea-goat is a good representation of the sign, it is a mythical creature rather than a real animal, making it harder to relate to it. So here are some real Capricorn spirit animals.

An Alligator

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about alligators is just how thick-skinned (quite literally) they are. Capricorns aren’t any different. They are patient and calculated – they wait to ambush their prey rather than attacking it out of nowhere and with no particular strategy. And once they get a hold of what they were after, it’s almost impossible to make them let go.

A Wolf

Wolves are one of those animals that seem to fit well with any Zodiac sign – but this is especially true for Capricorns. Both are highly intelligent and cunning, and once they have their eyes on the prize (or prey), they’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

A Goose

Much like a goose, Capricorns can get self-destructive if they’re too passionate about something. This usually manifests in a tendency to overwork beyond the point of productivity and even in the development of addictions. Both geese and Capricorns tend to be loners and can act impulsively if they feel threatened.

Getting to Know a Capricorn?

Now that you know more about the Capricorn symbol, spirit animals, and their meanings, can you draw any parallels with the Capricorns in your life?

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